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May 14, 2014 10:12 PM

Which tasting rooms in Temecula have the best Red Wine?

We are going to Temecula for the 1st time wine tasting and are in need of suggestions for who has the best Reds.

We are originally from the Bay Area and have found many great wines from off the beaten path in Healdsburg and Lodi. We would like to find some hidden gems down south.

From the reviews that I have read so far Gershon, Footprinte and Hart are of interest.

We will have a group of 15. Where should we go?

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  1. Hart had a Barbera last year that was delicious. However, they have a pretty small tasting room and, unless you're there in the middle of the week, it could get pretty tight with a group of 15...
    I don't think I've been to either Gershon or Foot Path.
    You might also look in the Ramona area, as they have some up and coming wineries that may turn out to be gems. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to visit out there yet so I can't make any suggestions.

    1. I've never visited the winery, but purchased their Cabernet at retail, and it was great.

      1. You might get a better response from the LA board because it is in Riverside County. The problem with Temecula is that the small wineries are pretty small and the the big ones are really crazy and maybe not so great. I had some good reds from Hart, again small tasting room, Ronzoni, they could have their new tasting room open. Stay away from Wilson Creek. South Coast is ok but don't go on the weekend unless you want to be with 20 bridal showers.

        1. I was going to add Callaway and Ponte. Of the large tasting room wineries, I probably like those two the best. They do push their wine clubs however. Callaway is different from the silver label Callaway you see in the stores. Again it really does get crazy on the weekends. I have had a much more enjoyable time on Friday tastings.

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            I have had the best luck (taste and consistency wise) with Ponte and several of their reds. Most of the other wineries seems to have one good red (if that).