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Gangnam Chicken, Royal Oak [DTW]

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Based on a comment from gan911 http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9709... , I tried the Korean Gangnam Chicken joint north of downtown Royal Oak. I will return within two months. https://www.facebook.com/gnchicken

Why? Casual atmosphere with a funky inviting sign, easy parking, BYOB (sweet!), crispy wings and tenders, good banchan (complimentary accompaniments to dinners), and nice family ownership. BTW, the daughter or niece who works the counter is a “ten” on the cuteness scale, but that would not be a reason for me to return…just saying for the young unaccompanied lads who savor scenery.

Some may also perceive imperfections at this place, such as long wait times; a gumminess to the spicy dressing (applied in kitchen after the frying) which is why I instead suggest starting with the soy garlic dressing (regardless, I shamelessly pigged out on BOTH…please shoot me); arguably frugal potions (not complaining!, just saying don’t expect a cheap pig-out, because Mr. Lee wants to stay in business); and, some apparent losers here and there elsewhere on the menu...I don’t want to get into details at the moment. Too, there always is a tradeoff between dark super-crispy batter, versus juiciness of meat. I personally feel they get the balance right.

Interestingly, they plan to add some Korean barbecue meats, etc., to the menu late this month. Stay tuned. The owner is a previous long-time chef from New Seoul Garden, thus perpetuating the almost unbreakable link between nearly every Korean restaurant in the Detroit burbs. If Gangnam Chicken Restaurant isn’t a foodie destination, it sure is an enjoyable add to the “just for kicks” rotation. Thanks gan911.

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  1. I finally saw this place as I get my hair cut right around the corner (literally). Now that I know where it is, I can finally stop by when I've got an appetite. Nice to know it's good, in certain ways.