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May 14, 2014 06:52 PM


I'm in desperate need of some cookware that's nonstick, won't peel off in a few days, and cooks like a dream. If anyone can recommend something that'll make me cook like an "Iron Chef", please let me know!

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  1. Modern nonstick cookware is more durable than early versions. I have one piece of Scanpan Classic which I like, but haven't had it long enough to say how it will hold up. There are many other brands with the newer coatings.

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      I never heard of it! I'll do some research. Thanks a TON!

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        Silly me! I have heard of that cookware. I remember seeing the video on youtube! THANKS AGAIN!

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        I'll double the Scanpan, I have both the classic and the pro, I prefer the metal handle, just me. I've had the classic pan for several years and it still is in good shape. The Pro is newer and is also functioning very well. I expect at some point they will start to loose some of the non-stick traits, but so far so good.

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            Oh, and Scanpan has a complete line that includes frying pans, sauté pans, griddles, sauce pans, the works.

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              Sounds like winner! Thanks you very much.

      3. I am loving the T-Fal Ultimate Hard-Anodized nonstick frying pan I bought on Amazon several months ago. It is a Cook's Illustrated recommendation and only costs around $20. There is a red dot in the center that turns darker when the pan has finished preheating. There are grooves in the underside but the main areas of the pan lie flat on my vintage Amana cooktop, which is essential with this stove. I use it almost daily; it hasn't warped, and still looks brand new.

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          Cooks Illustrated, huh? They always have great recommendations! Thanks!

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            Cooks Illustrated recommended the T-Fal Professional line. Is the Ultimate another line? T-Fal said their pro line was their top line. I was going to buy the Pro one but there are over 100 1 star reviews on Amazon. They say the center of the pan is raised which causes an oil placed in the pan to pool around the edges. Some also mentioned the coating coming off and flaking after a short time.

            I just picked up a gorgeous Moneta 10" ceramic fry pan from Italy at TjMAXX yesterday. It's from their Symphony line and was only $19.99. It's a higher end pan with gorgeous Italian design, and usually much more.

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              I don't know if they are different lines or just a name change. My pan looks identical to the ones I see Kimball and Co. using on their TV shows. This is what I have:
              I've used it since February. The reviews are overwhelmingly good. The negative ones reference scratching and warping so it's hard to know how much credence to put in them. If the complainers used metal utensils or put their hot pans into cold water, they created these problems themselves. Not enough detail to make a judgment.

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                I had T-Fal several years ago, and the coating flaked off in my food. My guests thought it was pepper! (lol)

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                  Nope, not the same ones. The Professional has straight sides at an angle and are not anodized aluminum but rather aluminum clad with stainless steel.

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                  "Cooks Illustrated recommended the T-Fal Professional line."

                  Agreed. Although I've never used it, it would be my choice if I actually used nonstick.

                  My girlfriend has a Better Homes & Gardens set. It's kind of textured with square pyramid thingies on the inside bottom. I don't know if that has anything to do with its longevity but those pans are still holding very strong after a few years -- Just a few scratches from the 11 and 16 yr old girls before they were told more than a few times not to use forks in them. Excellent stuff. Still slick as silk. Eggs need hardly any butter. Not induction capable though. I might ask my GF what line it is tomorrow (as it's almost 2am and she's sleeping). All I know is that it's red exterior and black interior with stainless and red silicone double-riveted handles. They are used daily when she cooks. The other 1/3 cooking is done in my stainless and cast iron when I cook. They also have been through the dishwasher a couple hundred times with high heat dry (before she met me before I started doing dishes).

              2. I just bought several sizes of nonstick skillets from Ikea. LOVE them. Nice heft to them and ovenproof.


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                  They look pretty good...but I need a whole set with sauce pans etc! Thanks anyway!!!

                2. I have a swiss diamond pan that seems to be quite sturdy, but I've only had it a year and mostly use it for eggs. It was recommended to me by a friend who swears by this brand.

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                  1. Even though my new nonstick pan is supposed to be dishwasher safe, I treat it gently. My formula for keeping a nonstick pan in good shape for a long time is this:

                    1. Use only for low temperature cooking. Mine are used only for eggs.

                    2. Use only wooden or silicone utensils.

                    3. Hand wash with a dish liquid, a sponge, and no abrasives.

                    4. Store carefully. My new pan goes back in the box after use

                    I have a couple of old T-Fal pieces which are in good condition after 20 years.

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                      I have 'rounds' of cardboard between all my NS skillets. And I agree with the rest of what you say.