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May 14, 2014 05:09 PM

Delhi 6 in Hicksville, a real treat

Went at 5 PM on Wednesday and place was empty.

Had a living social coupon, $40 off 4 people. 3 of us went and had to order 4 dishes, no problem.

They gave us comp papadom salty spiced flat. 3 condiments Pineapple, Cilantro and Tamarind. all really nice.

We like noodles and they are well represented on this mixed Chinese, Thai, Indian menu. We ordered chicken Haka and chicken Pad Thai noodles. We asked for the Pad Thai mild and the Haka kind of spicy. Both very good. Pad Thai a little too sweet for me.

Thai mixed veg in green curry. Now we are talking my idea of exotic spice on a coconut milk base. Basil corriander nice nice.

Chicken in butter sauce. More of a creamy tomatoey rich flavor and texture.

2 bowls of rice, one indian, one chinese.

Really satisfying meal, leftovers of everything for the 4th diner who wasn't there.

They have a lunch buffet every day for $10 , with a discount coupon on their website.

Living social and groupon available.

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  1. The buffet is good, A mixture of northern and southern Indian including soup. We enjoyed,