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May 14, 2014 05:08 PM

Rose's Lime Juice

Anyone know where I can get Rose's Lime Juice Plateau/Downtown?

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  1. ive seen it lots of places but the only that come to mind right now are cinq saison and young's on van horne. PA probably has it.

    1. i buy roses prducts at Provigo in TMR, perhaps at Provigo on Ste Catherine? Please let us know.

      1. Aubut always has it, along with other great products for making drinks.

        1. Pretty sure I've seen it at PA Parc and Tourtiere Australienne on Parc.

          1. I buy mine at Marché Cosmopolitain, 1432 Stanley (corner Stanley and Ste Catherine, Peel Metro). There are also bottles at Atwater Market.