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May 14, 2014 04:39 PM

Looking for Demeyere Multifunction Pan or something similar


I'm wondering if anyone knows online/physical retailers that sell the Demeyere Multifunction Pan, specifically the 32cm one plus lid ideally. I have looked all over, and it doesn't look like anyone carries it. I contacted 125west directly to see if they could special order it, and they say it's no longer available in the US?

If anyone knows any US or European retailers that carry it, please let me know. I would be also open to other alternatives but I really like this pan in particular. I have found one in Canada but it is a bit pricey, I think (Maison Lipari - $238), so if there is something a bit lower domestically, that would be ideal.


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  1. Also - if anyone has the domed lid - is it able to go in the oven?

    1. It seems to be sold in Europe and elsewhere outside of the US.

      I have bought from the UK to US through PayPal without difficulty.

      1. If you are open to enameled cast iron, that looks like my Le Crueset braiser. Comes in 3.5 qt plus a larger one (can't remember if it is 5 or 6 qts). I have the 3.5 qt and love it, though the sides may not be as high as what is shown in the picture.

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          For alternatives in a similar pattern, De Buyer makes a "mineral" iron pan that would work well.

          Personally, I opted for the DB "Country Pan" and while a slightly different shapes, it works very well for the traditional Chef's/Multifuntion pan functions.

        2. Found one, but it looks to be a bit bigger than the one you want.

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            Yeah, these are a bit big. I found a great site though - It's a German site that carries pretty much anything in Demeyere's catalogue including individual lids. Looks good and on top of it it's much cheaper than the Canadian (and any other) site I've found because the 10% VAT is deducted and shipping isn't too bad. Anyone wanting Demeyere or Staub should definitely check it out.