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One night near Union Station...

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I will be in town one night, staying near Union Station, before a train trip across the country to San Fran. I would love a good Italian place, either neighborhood/family joint or more upscale. I don't mind traveling though in the area would be excellent. Thanks so much.

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  1. Depending on how far you're willing to travel...

    Best Italian restaurant within a 0.4 mile walk of Union Station: The Florentine - www.the-florentine.net

    Best Italian restaurant within a 0.6 mile walk of Union Station: Vivere - www.vivere-chicago.com (on the ground floor of the Italian Village complex)

    Best Italian restaurant within a 1.1-mile walk of Union Station: Piccolo Sogno - www.piccolosognochicago.com

    Best (and only) fine-dining Italian restaurant in Chicago: Spiaggia - www.spiaggiarestaurant.com (opens next week after re-modeling, 2.2 miles from Union Station)

    Best Italian restaurant in Chicago IMHO (and moderately priced, too): Anteprima - www.anteprimachicago.net (in the Andersonville neighborhood, 7 miles north of Union Station)

    All of these are excellent; quality differences are really quite subtle and of course purely a matter of opinion. You can get a great dinner at any of them!

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      This is wonderful! Thank you so much!