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May 14, 2014 03:23 PM

Need dinner ideas

So here's the situation. We will be spending three days in your lovely city this coming weekend (Saturday through Tuesday). We have all of our meals decided except for Monday dinner. Obviously, this rules out places that are not open on Mondays (e.g. Roe). We are staying near the airport but have rental cars so anywhere around town, including downtown, will work. We are already going to two higher-end places, so we'd like a casual, mid-priced place for our third dinner (not necessarily "cheap eats"). One member of our party does not like spicy/exotic food, so that rules out the type of place where that's pretty much all they have on the menu(e.g. Pok Pok). Where would you send us for really great food that will "wow" us, that's not too "out there", and that's open on Mondays?

Our local contact has suggested Screen Door as a possibility. Comments?

(If you're curious, our higher-end dinners are at Noisette on Saturday and the Heathman on Sunday, and our breakfasts/brunches at Utopia Café on Sunday, Tin Shed Garden Café on Monday, and Tasty & Sons on Tuesday.)


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  1. 1. How many in your party?

    2. Is it possible to move the Heathman to Monday? (I see reservations available even for 6 people on Monday at the moment, but maybe you have other reasons for keeping it on the Sunday night)

    3. Why the Heathman? I'm sure they are still making good food and you will enjoy it, but I can't remember the last time anyone on this board went out of their way to recommend it to a visitor. Maybe others who have been more recently can chime in.

    4. I am asking all these questions because I REALLY want to recommend OX to you but the only night they are not open is Monday.

    5. Screen Door is fun and their fried chicken is really good, but I don't know if you would be "wowed"

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    1. re: cobpdx

      We'll have 4-6 people. I'm now being told that Screen Door is the final decision for Monday dinner. Like the selection and timing of Heathman, it's one of those "this is it and that's that" situations, where others are making those decisions. (I thought it was up in the air, but it's not.) As you imply, these might not have been my first choices, but I'm sure the food will still be good and we'll enjoy them. Besides, I'm still getting to go to the places I wanted to go most (Noisette and Tasty & Sons).

      I appreciate the input and advice!

      1. re: nsxtasy

        I'm sure you will enjoy Screen Door. It is fun and the food is good. And the Heathman will do a good job as well.

        I'm glad you got a couple of choices in!