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May 14, 2014 02:43 PM

Venice -- Need Recommendations Near Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto

This palazzo is on the Canal Grande, west of P. San Marco near the S. Maria S. Giglio vaporetto stop. Any suggestions for a light meal (maybe cichetti) in that immediate area prior to a concert at the palazzo?

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  1. My feeling is that this is sort of a sterile (as well as expensive) area for restaurants - there are some fairly nearby, like Antico/Martini and its associated winebar Vino Vino, Trattoria da Fiore (which also has a bacari) and Beccafico, not venetian but recommended by some folks. Ive not been to any of these and suggest you look them up and see if they might suit.There are other places near the Fenice. As far as I can tell the first two pairs are open 7 days a week. The alternative is to eat elsewhere and then travel to your concert.

    Hopefully you will get some further suggestions.

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      As jen stated, not much around the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto. And as your earlier post stated that it is for a Sunday and before performance. Most bacari are closed Sundays. The places around La Fenice is about a 10 minute walk and Vino Vino is open throughout the afternoon. Not cicchetti but one can order a single plate. For Sunday late afternoon/early evening, I would go to either Bancogiro or Naranzaria for their cicchetti or Acuighetta near P. San Marco, then walk to the performance.