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Luca & Bosco Ice Cream at the Essex Street Market

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The base is light near gelato feel and light on sugar. The Salty Caramel and the Cookies and Cream are fine by me. All the flavors I tried were marred by an same off note which was like that 'freezer taste'. I'll try them again because I like them will and report.

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  1. Your title is showing up with odd spacing for me... Chow.com bug? Intentional, trying to defeat search?

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      I don't know, I thought I did a c and p from their web site but I think a lot of things. I couldn't find anything when I searched Chowhound under Luca either. Have you tried the place.

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        Oh, probably just picking up their weird formatting from their web site.

        Sometimes when a user is trying to be sneaky and avoid google, they might add extraneous characters.

        I suggest you edit if you want your post to show up in search for others.

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          We fixed this, to make the thread more searchable.

    2. Where do they make the ice cream? Sounds like off site.

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        Offsite, at a commercial, incubator kitchen.

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          They told me their production is in East Harlem.

          1. re: wewwew

            Hot Bread Kitchen in La Marqueta ... http://hotbreadkitchen.org/hbk-incuba...

      2. Drunk and salty caramel with candied pecans was more than fine by me. Fresh, light, and addictive. Very gelato like, with slightly higher fat content. The partner I spoke to (Luca's owner. Luca & Bosco are their dogs) said they are moving to a much bigger kitchen. She spent some time in Gelato capital of the world Florence where she picked up some techniques. Anothe reason to visit Essex Market

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          If you are at Essex mkt, you are a few blocks away from the best gelato in the city, in my opinion, up at Il Labrotorio de Gelato.

          I think Essex Mkt is going down hill, particularly in that north side of the mkt, but I havent tried this stand yet, so I cant opine.

        2. Nice find - just wanted to note that this thread's highlighted on the CHOW Blog ... http://www.chow.com/food-news/152111/...