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May 14, 2014 01:03 PM

Bar Harbor area lobster pounds?

Taking the family for a quick visit this summer. The usual suspects appear to be Trenton Bridge, Thurston's, and Beal's. Abel's looks to be a cut below now.

Any thoughts on these or others flying below the radar?

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  1. I live summers in the area. On the island, I would go to Beal's or Thurston's, both are on the water. Trenton Bridge is right on a busy highway. If you want to drive a wee bit, Ruth and Wimpey's, in Hancock and especially Tracey's (BYOB) are MUCH better value. Both, however are located on busy Rt. 1.

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      Thanks Pass! I'm not wedded to any place on the island. We'll be driving up the coast to MDI before heading inland to Belgrade Lakes, so we'll likely have already had several seafood meals before we even get to the MDI area.