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May 14, 2014 12:59 PM

Florence to Siena then Rome ROADTRIP!

We're going in the fall, and obviously, there are many foodie (and non-foodie) places to go. We've read all the tour guides, but I'm looking for your favorite experiences! Which towns, markets, restaurants (fancy to dives) really stood out for you? What well-known places should we skip? Extra points for less touristy places. We're adventurous, and not afraid of driving. We'll be renting a car after our visit to Florence, and will be based near Siena for 4 nights before driving to Rome to pick up friends at the airport. Then we're off to Sorrento, but I think I'll ask about that part in a different post!

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  1. In Florence obviously Mercato Centrale and Da Nerbone not to be missed. The legendary Pollo al Burro at Sostanza. I just posted about Da Ruggero on another thread so I'd target that as well.

    Highly recommend spending some time in Lucca -- Bike the walls, have some Cecina at Da Felice. Great unique little town

    Volterra is another gem with rich history. Highly recommend L’Incontro for the Salumi and cheese boards

    In Siena we enjoyed a small mom/pop Trattoria called La Tellina, which is not very Tuscan. We were Pici'd out at that point and were ready for some Seafood and "Southern Hospitality"

    Dont miss the drive from Siena to Asciano. And I would def spend some time in the val d'orcia area. Da Roberto in montisi, Gattavecchi, Guastini in Valiano, Il Pozzo in San Angelo in Colle are some suggestions. Oh and the amazing Pecorino at Pecorino at Podere Il Casale. Enjoy!