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Boulted Bread Now Open in Raleigh

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Boulted Bread is now open in Raleigh, at 614 W South St, on the way to the State Farmers Market from Downtown.

Three guys run this place, making craft bread and pastry from house milled heirloom and locally sourced grains.

We've tried both the breads and the pastries and found them to be delicious. The deal is, you order in advance and pick your bread up on Wednesdays or Fridays.

The website is here:


Ordering information is here:


Contact them via email: boultedbread@gmail.com

More information is available on facebook:


Or twitter @boultedbread

Or instagram: @boultedbread

Definitely worth seeking out, folks.

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  1. While I enjoy bakeries opening up, all their photographic offerings make their bread looked overdone and burnt on the outside.

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      I have to say, the picture here looks mighty tasty to me. Haven't looked at the website but am suddenly craving some nice crusty bread.