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Boulted Bread Now Open in Raleigh

Boulted Bread is now open in Raleigh, at 614 W South St, on the way to the State Farmers Market from Downtown.

Three guys run this place, making craft bread and pastry from house milled heirloom and locally sourced grains.

We've tried both the breads and the pastries and found them to be delicious. The deal is, you order in advance and pick your bread up on Wednesdays or Fridays.

The website is here:


Ordering information is here:


Contact them via email: boultedbread@gmail.com

More information is available on facebook:


Or twitter @boultedbread

Or instagram: @boultedbread

Definitely worth seeking out, folks.

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  1. While I enjoy bakeries opening up, all their photographic offerings make their bread looked overdone and burnt on the outside.

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    1. re: burgeoningfoodie

      I have to say, the picture here looks mighty tasty to me. Haven't looked at the website but am suddenly craving some nice crusty bread.

    2. I have tried the bread from Boulted and it's amazing.

      1. Thanks for bringing this back up. The original pre-order-only approach wasn't going to work well for me and it looks like they have things on display for sale now.

        BF I agree with your comment about the photos. My favorite bakery Loaf tends to bake pastries to the same level of doneness and I prefer slightly less.

        1. Thanks, been meaning to get over there to check it out. Has anyone tried the pies/cakes? I've noticed that they have things on offer for Thanksgiving.

          1. I stopped by Saturday to pick up some bread and croissants, no pies and cakes on display.

            The bread is excellent, dense crust and flavorful, best I've had in Raleigh, particularly the baguettes. (Still like the pain de campagne and multigrain at Loaf a little more than the levain there, but very good stuff.)

            1. I haven't been to anyo f the bread places in Raleigh, but I hear good things about them and yellow dog. It is just that the photos of their bread make the crust seem like it is burnt.

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                You know, I have been looking at the photos on the top of this post and not getting it, but I just clicked into their website and you're right. That baguette looks horribly burned (as does the levain). Wonder why they'd make that the one they took the photo of? Sort of head-scratching.

                1. re: LulusMom

                  I haven't been to the bakery so I don't know what the actual bread looks like, but maybe it's the same reason that Starbucks has so many people thinking that over-roasted coffee is somehow "gourmet" and desirable.

                  1. re: rockycat

                    Yeah, I find their coffee (I only drink decaf, so maybe I don't get the 'real' experience) tastes kind of burned. I do, however, think they make a mean hot chocolate.

                2. re: burgeoningfoodie

                  It appears at least to some degree intentional - in this case I requested less-brown so I can reheat in the oven.

                  I've tried the bread at Yellow Dog and prefer Boulted, more rustic with denser crust. But I didn't see scones and cinnamon buns at Boulted. Plenty of room downtown for both places since a lot of this is personal preference.