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May 14, 2014 12:47 PM

Best Finds in DC Metro area

Hi all- I'm a video journalist looking to do a short piece on a hidden food gem at a restaurant in DC. I'm looking for a particularly wonderful dish that deserves to be talked about, but is currently flying under the radar. I'd love some suggestions!

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  1. what about the chicken tikki masala or chicken korma at salt and pepper grill on georgia? a hidden gem at a hidden gem

    the wings at kochix

    1. oxtail brown stew at Pimento Grill
      polori with pickled tamarind sauce at Rita's
      Manioc with goat at Chez Aunty Libe

      1. Face bacon @ The Pig

        Apple Pie @ Ambar

        The AYCE deal @ Ambar

        1. These are great ideas. Please keep them coming! It is very helpful.

          1. Kimchi bacon grilled cheese at Cafe Kimchi.