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May 14, 2014 12:43 PM

SF Valley/West Hills

I'm in Los Angeles (West Hills in the valley) for a 3-month internship this summer. Where MUST I eat while I'm here? Looking for recs of all types, all cuisines, all meals. Just want locals' favorite spots to explore over the summer. I have a car and a bicycle, so I can go anywhere but prefer places relatively close by.

I'm originally from San Diego and went to undergrad here in LA, so I'm not a total out-of-towner, but I haven't lived here in many years.


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  1. Brent's Deli in Northridge or Agoura Hills

    1. Dan's Super Subs, The Local Peasant (Woodland Hills), Carillo's Mexican Deli (Canoga Park), Little Brothers Sushi (Woodland Hills), Boulevard Burgers (Woodland Hills) Unfortunately not too much else I'm aware of in the vicinity though I'm sure there are a couple others out there.

      1. Little Brothers for sushi
        Roy's for upscale Hawaiian fusion
        India Sweets and Spices for casual Indian vegetarian
        Woodlands for casual South Indian (buffet available)
        Los Toros for Mexican
        Hummus Bar and Grill for Israeli (amazing AYCE Isareli salad spread)
        Go's Mart for amazing upscale sushi served in a hole in the wall. Expect to spend $150-200 for an amazing meal.

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          Los Toros for Americanized Mexican.
          Carrillo's Deli for more of the real thing, yet totally bereft of any of the trappings of a dinner restaurant.
          Definitely worthy of either take-out or lunch on the premises. Sherman Way just west of Corbin, in same center as Fallas Paredes.

        2. Pho 21 in Canoga Park, I second Dan's Super Subs and Brent's Deli and boulevard burgers. Hit up Fab Hot Dog for dogs (guy fieri certified :) I like Stonefire Grill on Fallbrook for Salads, though they have lots of other offerings like tri-tip. Cavaretta's Italian deli (Canoga Park) is a must as well.

          1. Nat's West Cafe in Canoga Park (Topanga Cyn., 1 block north of Roscoe). Best breakfast for many miles around.