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I'm in Los Angeles (West Hills in the valley) for a 3-month internship this summer. Where MUST I eat while I'm here? Looking for recs of all types, all cuisines, all meals. Just want locals' favorite spots to explore over the summer. I have a car and a bicycle, so I can go anywhere but prefer places relatively close by.

I'm originally from San Diego and went to undergrad here in LA, so I'm not a total out-of-towner, but I haven't lived here in many years.


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  1. Brent's Deli in Northridge or Agoura Hills

    1. Dan's Super Subs, The Local Peasant (Woodland Hills), Carillo's Mexican Deli (Canoga Park), Little Brothers Sushi (Woodland Hills), Boulevard Burgers (Woodland Hills) Unfortunately not too much else I'm aware of in the vicinity though I'm sure there are a couple others out there.

      1. Little Brothers for sushi
        Roy's for upscale Hawaiian fusion
        India Sweets and Spices for casual Indian vegetarian
        Woodlands for casual South Indian (buffet available)
        Los Toros for Mexican
        Hummus Bar and Grill for Israeli (amazing AYCE Isareli salad spread)
        Go's Mart for amazing upscale sushi served in a hole in the wall. Expect to spend $150-200 for an amazing meal.

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          Los Toros for Americanized Mexican.
          Carrillo's Deli for more of the real thing, yet totally bereft of any of the trappings of a dinner restaurant.
          Definitely worthy of either take-out or lunch on the premises. Sherman Way just west of Corbin, in same center as Fallas Paredes.

        2. Pho 21 in Canoga Park, I second Dan's Super Subs and Brent's Deli and boulevard burgers. Hit up Fab Hot Dog for dogs (guy fieri certified :) I like Stonefire Grill on Fallbrook for Salads, though they have lots of other offerings like tri-tip. Cavaretta's Italian deli (Canoga Park) is a must as well.

          1. Nat's West Cafe in Canoga Park (Topanga Cyn., 1 block north of Roscoe). Best breakfast for many miles around.

            1. I've never been, but there's a Turkish place on Shoup and I think Sherman Way, called Doner King, or something like that. I used to pass it every morning taking my daughter to school, and it was too early for kebab. There's a Thai place in the same strip mall.

              The Firehouse restaurant on Victory and I think Reseda (I moved from the valley a while ago) is a great Greek place. Fabs hot dogs in the big mall on Victory and Tampa is a perennial favorite.

              I used to go for coffee to a place called Mudhouse on Fallbrook and Roscoe. A good, independent coffee shop, nice antidote to Starbucks.

              There's a stretch of Sherman Way that has a lot of funky second hand shops, pet stores and book stores. I forget exactly where. It's one of the few real commercial areas in the valley that's not a shopping mall, and it's fun to poke around. There's a Jewish pastry shop there called Edie's that's worth stopping in at.

              The adjacent neighborhood of Reseda has a lot of divey hole-in-the-wall ethnic places that are worth checking out. Do a Yelp search and see what there is. I remember a good Turkish place, a sort of Korean fusion place (real hole in the wall), and some others.

              As far as good restaurants, the valley is generally considered inferior to other parts of LA, but one exception is Sri Lankan food, where you have more in the valley. There's a place called Curry Leaf, and another place called Apee or something like that on Ventura. Again, you'll need to search for it, or maybe others can you fill you in.

              For superlative Thai food, go to Lum Ka Naad in Northridge.

              1. Emles at 9250 Reseda Blvd. Great inexpensive food from breakfast through dinner with a sort of mideastern flair.

                Mandarin Deli at 9305 Reseda Blvd for dumplings and noodles.

                A&W Seafood for Dim Sum at 9306 Reseda Blvd

                Northridge Fish and Chips 10336 Reseda Blvd

                Falafelicious 19500 Plummer on the outskirts of the Northridge mall next to Starbucks and Western Bagel. stay way from the bagels at this location-they dont bake all day long unlike some of the other locations (like 20516 Devonshire).

                India Sweets and Spices 18110 Parthenia for Indian foods.

                2nd rec for Brent's Deli-one of the best delis in the USA bar none. Try the black pastrami reuben. Try to go at an off hour and not at prime time so to speak.

                1. I'd also like to put in a word for the big Whole Foods market at Ventura and Yolanda in Tarzana. They have a very pleasant wine bar where you can bring your selections from the prepared foods or salad bar, or you can choose a burger or piece of fish from those areas and they will cook it for you and deliver it to you at the wine bar.

                  1. If you like burgers and prefer they come from sustainably raised beef, try Hook Burger at the northwest corner of Topanga Canyon Bl. and Erwin in Woodland Hills.


                    1. Adding two more-California Chicken Cafe and Panini Cafe.

                      At Panini you must check out the kabobs and look for the take out deal with four kabobs, boatload of rice or bulgar wheat and a boatload of salad for $30.00.

                      CCC is great rotiserie chicken with wonderful sides like roasted potatoes, broccoli salad, squash and chicken salad.

                      1. AND if you're looking for a "cute" place, I have a couple:

                        Leo & Lily
                        22420 Ventura Blvd.
                        Woodland Hills, CA 91364
                        (818) 222-6622

                        Pedalar's Fork
                        23504 Calabasas Rd.
                        Calabasas, CA 91302
                        (818) 225-8231

                        Both places are cute, as in date-worthy. Both have organic/hip food such as in kale caesar salad,which I hate (oh and don't forget the quinoa!) -- BUT I have found dishes I like at each! And both places do serve meat! The Calabasas place has a lovely patio alongside a creek. My flatbread margharita pizza there was delicious; my aunt's Cobb-esque salad was a flop.

                        Welcome to the generally-barren and always-hot west valley!!!

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                          Your link to Pedalers Fork http://www.pedalersfork.com/ didn't connect because you had an "a" substituted for an "e" in the name - this one will work (and the menu looks great)

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                            Thank you, Servorg!!! It is a very pretty place -- surprisingly so for a town that has become The Land O' Kardashians. I remember when there were unpaved streets and horses there. Alas and alack....

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                              Setting very nice for a sunny lunch or brunch.
                              Menu, nothing startling, quite livable for all.
                              When in the area and you discover your favorite Red Robin is now closed...Pedaler's Fork is the perfect alternative!!!

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                                I sent some friends who live very close by to Pedalers Fork for breakfast this morning. They found out something that is not anyplace on the website. While they "open" at 7 AM they don't start serving eggs and other main breakfast fare until 8 AM. So no report back from my buddy and his wife as they ended up going to Coco's...

                                You would think that something like that would be noted on the website. But noooooooo! ;-D>