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May 14, 2014 12:26 PM

Detroit for 4th of July

Not really a prime time to go probably but I figured it was now or never. Will be there July 3-8, spending one night in Ann Arbor, the rest of the time downtown (mostly Westin Book Cadillac). I have quite a list of places for hot dogs, donuts, ham sandwiches, Middle Eastern, Polish food (I can paste it if it helps with recs at all). Thinking about hitting happy hour at Rattlesnake Club. Are there other good spots for HH or a nice cocktail? Will it be really dead that weekend or maybe there are some fun holiday activities? Will have a car, but love to walk and wonder how much more cautious I should be than I normally am in Boston. Thanks.

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  1. > Thinking about hitting happy hour at Rattlesnake Club

    Happy Hour @ Roast:

    Sugar House Craft Cocktails:

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      Another suggestion for happy hour is Craft Work, though it's about 4 miles from the Westin. They just launched their summer happy hour recently and it runs from 4-7 M-F. I ate there back in February and really enjoyed my meal, cocktail, and the atmosphere. If I was going to be downtown I would absolutely check out their happy hour.

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        The cocktail menu at Sugar House is amazing, maybe I can finally get a good pisco sour again.

        Do people have a preference between Al Ameer and Cedarland for the requisite middle eastern meal?

        Thanks to trapani for the tip on the walking tour which only seems to happen on Sat. when I'll be in Ann Arbor. I did find this link which points out interesting sights:

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          Well, I wish I'd have read further before posting. The Eastern Market tour is on Saturday when you're in Ann Arbor. They do have a tour on Sunday too, but no Eastern Market or Supino's. If a bike tour interests you, I'd call and see if they'd do a private one.

      2. Huntington Woods, about 20 minutes north on Woodward, has an annual July 4 parade - floats, cake contests, hot dogs, the whole works. Get there before 9:30, it starts at 10, Very fun if you wan a small town celebration. Or there are fireworks that night on the golf course right by the could do the zoo, get some drinks in Ferndale and/or dinner and head on over.

        Roast is just wonderful - well worth getting dinner there. Meats are exceptional, service is friendly - one of the best meals I've had in years, we were there just 3 weeks ago. Check out Riverwalk, nice experience along the river.

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          Heartily recommend the HW fireworks. Not on the scale of a big city, and Detroit's are a week or so before July 4, but you are very close to them and parking is easy.

          Birmingham a little further north is a nice walkable upscale city with restaurants galore.

          I just checked my Tigers schedule and they're in town that weekend. That means there will be tons of people in town, especially in the stadium area, and it's quite lively. Very very safe by Comerica Park.

          If you walk, or rent a bike, on the Riverwalk, there's a tour boat operation that will take you on a two hour cruise. If it's hot, there's nowhere better to be than on a boat (with a cash bar!). Not fancy but a pleasant time.

        2. <<Will have a car, but love to walk and wonder how much more cautious I should be than I normally am in Boston>>

          Yes. You will have to be more vigilant than if you were doing a walking tour in Beantown. There are a score of locales in Detroit that are visitor-friendly; there are hundreds of locales that are not. The Detroit correspondents on this site will give you terrific advice on what you should experience. If you take that advice to heart, you will take away wonderful experiences of your travel here.

          1. The River Walk is very nice and seems to have plenty of people. You might enjoy a walking tour with or a bike tour with Wheelhouse Detroit.

            1. Another really great craft cocktail place is in Ferndale and would be a short drive called The Oakland-