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May 14, 2014 11:52 AM


Does anyone know if La Brea Bakery's Sourdough Baguette is gluten-free? I'm on a strict GF diet... and wondering if I can find a sourdough I can eat...

Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. You might reach out to Bezian Bakery about your needs.

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    1. not sourdough,
      but if you are located in their delivery zone, Good Eggs will deliver Rising Hearts Bakery
      gluten free brioche loaf
      gluten free millet loaf
      gluten free rosemary and garlic ciabatta
      and, from Roses in the Kitchen
      gluten free sandwich bread.

      Good Eggs also carrie gluten free cookies from Bakeology
      gluten free muffins and cupcakes from Lisa and Moe
      gluten free chocolate chip cookies from Rosewood Pantry
      and gluten free biscotti from Patty's Artisan Bake goods.

      be aware that the items that Good Eggs carries vary from hour to hour.
      all the above items are available for delivery THIS FRIDAY if you order them this moment.
      the Good Eggs offerings change hour to hour, if you don't get your order in, the item(s) you want may be gone.
      on the other hand, items that you missed last time may reappear.

      1. Don't think it's doable.
        If it's got wheat, it's got gluten.
        The overwhelming majority of what you think of as sourdough bread is based on a wheat-flour starter.
        I recall that E.E. Brown's Tasajara Bread Book, from back in my sorta-hippyish days, included a natural-rise barley bread, but barley's full of gluten, too.

        1. Check this website/blog :

          Not sure if it will lead you to info on sourdough, but maybe. The Gluten Free Gal who writes this blog is actually a bartender at Guido's on Santa Monica, and is a devoted and outspoken gluten freebie.