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May 14, 2014 11:49 AM

Wine to go with an omelet?

I'm going to a dinner where they will serve steak and a hangtown fry, which is an omelet with bacon and oysters.
I need suggestions for a wine to go with the hangtown fry. by the way, I need to deplete my existing wines. I have only one rose, a 2008 Tempier, that I'm saving for something special. So no rose suggestions.

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  1. I love Viognier with fish. Never had it with eggs though.

    1. Well, that's not just "eggs," it's got oysters and bacon. Probably a Chablis. If just eggs, Lacryma Christi bianco.

        1. I would want a Northwest (US) Pinot Gris

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            I'll second the Pinot Gris. I can never bring myself to select Muscadet.

          2. lol, how much longer are you going to hang on to an already 6-yeard-old rose?

            with the salty notes in there, i'd look for a wine with some saline qualities -- a muscadet, chablis or le salse verdicchio.