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Wine to go with an omelet?

I'm going to a dinner where they will serve steak and a hangtown fry, which is an omelet with bacon and oysters.
I need suggestions for a wine to go with the hangtown fry. by the way, I need to deplete my existing wines. I have only one rose, a 2008 Tempier, that I'm saving for something special. So no rose suggestions.

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  1. I love Viognier with fish. Never had it with eggs though.


    1. Well, that's not just "eggs," it's got oysters and bacon. Probably a Chablis. If just eggs, Lacryma Christi bianco.

        1. I would want a Northwest (US) Pinot Gris

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            I'll second the Pinot Gris. I can never bring myself to select Muscadet.

          2. lol, how much longer are you going to hang on to an already 6-yeard-old rose?

            with the salty notes in there, i'd look for a wine with some saline qualities -- a muscadet, chablis or le salse verdicchio.

              1. Chardonnay... either still or bubbly is my first choice. There are several others that would "work", but not overall as well for my tastes.

                1. I will be the odd ball here and suggest a Ridge Zinfandel blend. Either one of the single vineyard ATP's or even the more common Lytton Springs or Geyserville bottles.

                  For whatever reason they make an excellent match for omelets (especially ones with the bacon you mentioned) and would also go well with the steak course.

                  I had to try it to believe what a good match they made.

                  1. How about a white portugese vinho verde?

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                      +1 to the Vinho Verde. Reminds me I need to stock up for summer.

                    2. I happen to like a slightly chilled tempranillo with eggs & omelets. Especially when dinner is at 10pm.

                      1. Thanks all for the advice. Nothing sounded like an especially good pairing. The dinner was the theme of 49er miner food to go with a lecture on the Gold Rush. I decided to go with Sierra Foothills wines, a 2007 Cedarville Viognier which was great and a 2007 Holly Hill mourvedre, which was nice. They worked well enough.

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                            this was one of the more fun pairing suggestion questions i've seen :) glad it worked it...but yes, the nature of steak and hangtown fry seems to call for both a red and a white...cheers x2

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                              I wish we'd known about the Gold Rush 49-er miner theme. That would have opened up some interesting wine possibilities in keeping with the theme.

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                                Your selections were all wrong; and is there anything worse than a themed dinner party? "49er miner food"? Was there an open flame? Were men forbidden to shave?

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                                  Good choice going with the Cedarville. They produce excellent wine. If you ever have the chance, be sure to visit their winery. Jonathan and Susan are fantastic hosts.

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                                    Yes, I have visited several times. I bought this viognier during my last visit. I believe it was 2008. They opened a 1999 viognier to show how their wine ages.

                                2. Muscadet Sur Lie, Le Fleuron, Chéreau-Carré, 2012. Anything else would be dreadfully gauche.

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                                    How have you enjoyed your first 24 hours on Chowhound?

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                                      Anything else would be dreadfully gauche.



                                      indeed. eye. beholder. all that. all the somms on this board will hang their woeful heads in deepest shame. self included.

                                      muscadet with sausage? anything is possible.

                                  2. thinking about this a bit more, i think a nice chilled Brouilly might have done the trick -- beefy enough to drink w/ the steak; light and versatile enough to go w/ the egg/bacon/oysters...

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                                      Actually....... sounds like a decent idea! :)

                                    2. I'm late, but steak and hangtown fry? boilermakers. its not a moment to get fussed.

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                                        What type of wine is "boilermakers"?