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May 14, 2014 11:27 AM

First dinner omakase at Shunji's

So I jumped on the Shunji bandwagon very late. I had my first meal (lunch) there a few weeks ago and was very impressed. the $40 lunch omakase is a great deal and everything was delicious. So i had to return for dinner and experience the full show.

Decided to take a client (thank you expense account) and was disappointed to see that Shunji san was not working last night. No big deal though, i've heard that his sous do a fine job as well. I told the chef that we would be doing the omakase and he made sure that I was ok with cooked dishes as well and that omakase wouldn't be just sushi. I said no problem.

Then the courses started coming. Found it a bit odd that even though we were seated at the sushi bar right in front of the chef, each course was presented to us by the waitress instead of the sushi chef and she explained each dish. Two dishes stood out for me. One of the beginning courses was a cold chawamushi with uni and black truffles. Seriously flavor bomb in my mouth. I would like to think that I could eat a whole bowl of this stuff but I'm sure it's best in small doses.

Second dish that stood out (didn't get a pic) was a mushroom and cod soup. Slightly on the salty side but nonetheless, the flavors were amazing.

After a bunch of cooked courses (with a sashimi course in between, which to be honest, wasn't that spectacular), the chef asked us if we were ready for the sushi courses, and we were. To my surprise, we were only served 5 pieces of nigiri sushi. No toro or uni was served. He asked if we wanted more so we said yes. Then we got San Diego uni. I asked if he had any hokkaido uni and he said yes, so i requested that as well to compare. I preferred the hokkaido by a slight margin but both were very good. I think in total, we had about 9 pieces of sushi.

Overall, I felt like the cooked dishes were far superior to the sushi. I wasn't very impressed by the sushi, which is odd because when I had the sushi omakase for lunch, I thought it was exceptional.

With a $60 bottle of sake, the total came out to $447 including tax, pre tip so about $175pp for food alone. Not cheap by any means but I left very happy.

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  1. "With a $60 bottle of sake, the total came out to $447 including tax, pre tip so about $175pp for food alone. Not cheap by any means but I left very happy."

    yowza. thank god for expense accounts.

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      I'd leave 'very happy' too if I didn't have to pay! LOL

    2. Thanks for the post.
      This seems as good a place as any to show how beautiful Shunji 2014 t-shirts are!

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          1. re: kevin

            apropos that you'd reappear on a shunji post ... that was one fine recommendation

              1. re: kevin

                u jl porthos chris peter/offalo and friends -- your glowing praise and jls with the folks below, this is my favorite spot

            1. re: kevin

              Welcome back and behave yourself and Bob give the poor guy his t-shirt back! ;>)

              1. re: JAB

                I've been resorting to McD's filet o fishes and BK for the past couple weeks, not to mention being firmly esconced in BK.

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                  No question marks, no fbombs, no typos. Are you really kevin?

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                    Remember you have 2 hours to edit out your f-bombs. If you don't, I may have to start a swear jar to fund my meals...

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                    Sorry to hear it Kevin. I will figure out how to emAil u for drinks

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                      you can just email me at my e'mail below the screen handle.

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                  LOL - welcome back from your advanced interrogation. You were dearly missed.

              2. I'm into nigiri and sashimi mostly -- have had epic toro and toro collar from time you go, I don't think it hurts one bit to call him, and tell him what you like and ask to sit with him...

                ...he's delivered a live king crab on request for us, and toro collar also...for the dear price of this spot, to me, it's worth spending the time with shunji if you can

                but, glad you had a good experience mostly. that photo of the uni looks nice on a 100 degree day!

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                1. re: jessejames

                  given that it was my first dinner there, i wanted to experience the true essence of Shunji's, so i just kind of let them do their thing.

                  1. re: TailbackU

                    Relaxation befitting the atmosphere nice job

                  2. re: jessejames

                    Ah, the toro collar.

                    As an aside, I think it's beneficial to maintain a running dialog with chef as your meal at the bar progresses. They want your feedback/participation. Your meal can only go from very good to stellar.

                    Shunji is perhaps my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles.

                  3. Those truffles are a gastronomic vision of utter pastoral beauty.

                    And the uni just adds the right creamy note.

                    Another Shunji trip might just be in order.