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May 14, 2014 10:08 AM

Smoke OIl Salt

Has anyone been? I'm planning a birthday dinner and was considering this spot.

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    1. Highly recommend the Valencia Callos (honeycomb tripe stew, spanish chorizo, chickpeas). It's warm and comforting. And very filling.

      1. They serving paella yet??

        Also, anyone tried that fidua negra?

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          I think they started making paella last sunday. Not sure if it will be every night though. Haven't had their paella or fidua negra.

          Regarding a birthday dinner, this is a fun spot with a very interesting menu. Most parties of two are seated at half a bar table. Like literally a small bar table, cut in half. It's totally fine if you're not out to celebrate anything (other than a good meal), but if it's just two of you, and the place gets crowded (it will), and you're ordering a number of dishes (you will), and you wish to be comfortable (you probably do), then maybe consider requesting an actual table when making the reservation or increasing your party size so that they can seat you at a roomier table. Also, more people means more dishes to try. I tasted seven dishes, but felt like I'd just scratched the surface of this restaurant. Lots of fun things to order here. Pricey though.

        2. SOS is great. It’s a cozy, warm accessible space and not too loud. We ate at bar even though our table was ready –we usually prefer that and did here too. Great Spanish wines. Rose, dry Riesling, an Albarino, Tempranillo and a sherry naturally!

          Food – goooood. We started with the little tapas called ‘meritage’ which was amazing. The waitress told us it’s the way to get ALL the key flavors of smoke/oil/salt in one dish (thus 'meritage') anchovies three ways – salted, fresh filet and inside olives with fruity olive oil and smoky paprika and smooth crunchy marcona almonds. What a treat and great way to start meal.

          We then had the quail which was a perfect little thing in a brilliant stew of black lentils, garbanzo beans and a few dollops of very tangy goat cheese that melted nicely into the sauce and provided little flavor ribbons throughout. The bird was tiny but delicious! Salty, smoky but not too much of either – and bread to soak up stew – and a PERFECT use of a little fresh tarragon that made it lighter and is a great foil to salt (not that it had too much). Gorgeous dish – would order again.

          Fried Smelt which we both love was good but the white ‘horseradish’ sauce on side a bit disappointing. I couldn’t taste horseradish at all – and I love it. The smelt though were awesome. FRESH, plump, fried perfectly so outside crispy, inside still feather soft. They can do better by this one I think but I love little fried fish so I still loved it.

          Then the bravas. The best I’ve had (never been to Spain though so keep that in mind). This dish I want all the time. Crunchy potatoes seasoned well with not too much hot paprika (not the dulce stuff) and lashes of iberico ham and little slices of chorizo and fried egg on top with chives and salt. Each piece was great by itself and together blew me away. Looks like there was a cream on it but I can’t remember what – I do not know why this dish wasn’t too salty but it wasn’t.

          Will be back.