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May 14, 2014 10:01 AM

Pre-symphony dinner with Mom in Chicago for next Friday?

My mom, my boyfriend & I are going to the CSO next Friday night. My boyfriend is vegan/pescetarian; I'm vegetarian, and my mom eats everything. Where should we go to a somewhat-fancy dinner nearby before the show? Mom & I have been to the Gage many times and liked it, so that's always a good option. Looks like the old Rhapsody is nowTesori -- are they worth checking out? The Girl and the Goat looks both great and sufficiently nearby, but of course has no availability on OpenTable a week and a half out. Should I try calling them? What else would be a good option?


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  1. Girl & the Goat is a hard table to get, without a reservation, unless you want to eat right when they open around 5pm. If it's not available on OT, reservations are probably not available by phone. Also, I tend to favor restaurants within a few blocks, walking distance for pre-theater events.

    Besides Tesori and Gage, restaurants within a few blocks that are omnivore, pescatarian, and vegetarian friendly include Trattoria No. 10 at 10 N Dearborn, and the Atwood Café in the Burnham hotel at Washington & State. Both have a lot of experience getting pre-theater diners out in time for their curtains.

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      Thank you! Atwood looks perfect -- their cocktail list is an added bonus. Grabbed a reservation; I'll try them out.

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        Atwood (which changed its name, it was formerly Atwood Café) is excellent and so is Tesori. It's just a matter of which cuisine you would prefer, contemporary American or Italian.

        Wherever you go, make sure to let them know what time you need to leave for the symphony, so they can pace your dinner to do so.

    2. Russian Tea Time? Very close and lots of vegetarian selections.

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        Veg mom (from NY) here - excellent rec, Querencia.
        RTT is old world and part of a rapidly disappearing genre.
        It's elegant, has decent food, and (if you care to partake) has interesting flavored vodkas to try via tastings.