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May 14, 2014 09:58 AM

Sunday lunch near Golden Gate Park? [San Francisco]

I'm meeting an old friend in Golden Gate Park Sunday - where can we go for lunch? Any recs in the Inner Sunset or another nearby neighborhood? It's been several years since I've visited and I'm sure there have been many changes.

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  1. Any preferences on style of food and restaurant, and price range?

    1. Wooly Pig Cafe is good for sandwiches and other lunch-type food.

      1. Ninth and Irving has probably 3 dozen places to eat, including Nopalito, Ebisu, Park Chow, a couple of greasy spoons (Art's and Howard's), a few pizza joints (Azurmendi), Pacific Catch. Nopalito and Azurmendi are probably the best additions in recent years...and the brew pub (Social Kitchen).

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          If the OP's lunch hasn't happened yet, they should skip Social Kitchen for the moment. I returned last night to eat the fried chicken I'd enjoyed a few months back, and encountered instead some unpalatable dishes including fried chicken, a mahi mahi sandwich, empanadas, and roasted fennel. It seems their chef just left: