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May 14, 2014 09:57 AM

Ralphie's Salem, NH closing?

H and I enjoyed a good (as usual) dinner there last night. We really appreciate the old-school, red sauce menu and how accommodating it is. For example, you can get your chicken parm with eggplant, with pasta, or solo.

But to my point---we overheard a waitress at another table saying that closure was looming; the entire Cumberland Farms plaza in which Ralphie's is a tenant (there is a long-shuttered Carvel, nail salon and cell phone store in there...only the Cumbies and Ralphies remain open) is going to be razed. The server thought it was to rebuild a bigger CF; she said there are no plans for relocation, as of now.

If this is indeed so--and I don't see why she'd fabricate the story to a family we've seen dining there many times--it's very sad. They're affordable and good, and one of my fave places for homestyle stuff like broccoli rappi and tripe.

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    1. re: Infomaniac

      Here is what I just learned from someone close to The Ralphie's folks.
      They will be relocating just up the street next to Ford Flowers

    2. Hi All,
      Just wanted to bump with an update.
      Ralphie's last day of service for the foreseeable future is this Saturday, June 28.

      There's a sign on the door indicating that they are relocating to the Rage Jewelers location Northbound on 28. Charles Rage's building is being razed, and they're going to embark on new construction this summer. The sign on the door says "Opening late fall" and has an artist's rendition of the "New" Ralphies, but our server said that the conservative estimate is opening in Jan 2015.

      So, get while the getting's good, if you are so inclined. Great dinners again last night. We started by splitting the Special Antipasto Salad. H then had chicken cutlets parmigiana and I had pork cutlets parm (just side orders without pasta, which were ample). We split an order of Broccoli rappe. All very good, and even with two glasses of wine, <$60.00 even with a 25% tip, and leftovers for lunch today. Can't beat that.