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May 14, 2014 09:54 AM

Basking Ridge Redux...The Washington House

Looking forward to this one...just opened after a complete renovation by the folks from The Tewksbury Inn. Was formerly The Store, and then something else maybe, but was never any good. Just opened this week, will be there soon

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  1. Yeh, just read about this "new" place. I think it was called the Ridge Tavern before it closed. And you're right, it was never any good.

    For those familiar with the town, it's right across the street from the Mockingbird Cafe.

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      I moved to the area as a teenager with my family and the Store was always a pretty decent place (in my memory, at least), and we ate there fairly frequently. Not sure when it changed over to the Ridge Tavern, but, as an adult, I ate there far less frequently. In truth, though, I thought it served acceptable food at decent prices, although I wouldn't have traveled any distance to dine there. I've seen the construction going on there recently, and was wondering what was going on. I've never eaten at the Mockingbird Cafe, but I remember when it was the Corner Cupboard. In fact, I remember some kids I went to high school with "held it up" with an empty shotgun, which made some waves in the community, needless to say. My question is: a million banks in the area--- why on earth would you rob the Corner Cupboard!?!?!?

    2. Lemme just say that this space is BEAUTIFUL. They spared no expense on the renovation, there is zero semblance to the former incarnations. Wide plank floors, slight nautical feel, light and airy, yet intimate. The bar is worthy of regular patronage if only for the wall mounted taps that are 10 feet from the kegs. The menu plays it safe, but the execution is smart and delicious. Word is out, people were pouring in but it never felt cramped in the bar area. Am looking forward to a return trip, if for nothing than the very reasonably priced wine list.

      1. Looks inviting, will have to give it a try.