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May 14, 2014 09:33 AM

how long did it take you to get used to your new kitchen?

i haven't really worked in there yet (grout going on back splash today), officially, but there are already some nuances that I'm going to have to learn. i'm sure someday i'll figure out how to titrate the faucet from the get go so that the entire front of the sink and me isn't soaked from the blow back by the end of the washing job. and i'm sure it will take me some time to go from my 30 inch gas amana range to the 36 inch gas thermador range with high power btus and simmer burners and additional 30 inch electric oven. the drawer microwave and dishwasher are still mysterious. the pot filler hasn't even been installed. the only think i'm 100% sure of is the fridge. and i'm only 85% sure that i'm a 100% sure!

so tell me, how do i get reacquainted with the new and improved kitchen and how long did it take you to get in the swing of things?

also, looking for suggestions for a bang-up inaugural meal

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  1. Cook a lot! When we moved it was quite a learning curve. I was able to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table two weeks later. My new kitchen is much better for mise en place while the old one had everything at an arm's length.

    1. Can't say I've ever had a truly "new" kitchen. Grew up with gas... back in the day when you hadda light the oven pilot with a match thru a SMALL slot... a bit scary.

      Got married and lived in apartment with all electric range. Oven was fine to me, but BURNED a LOT of stuff on electric stove top!?!

      When finally into a house, back to "cookin with gas" and loving it!

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      1. re: kseiverd

        I feel you. Spent a lifetime cooking over gas, then 3 years ago bought this house, with it's POS radiant range. I never did suss it out. Finally gave it to Habitat and went induction this year. It's like gas, only cooler and faster. I'm happy again. :-)

      2. What melpy said. Cook, cook and then, just for giggles, cook some more!

        I learned pretty quickly what was working and what wasn't. Don't be afraid to move things around if you're just not feeling the love. I moved a bunch of stuff last week, and I've had this setup since January.

        We're having summer weather already, so we'd do BBQ or a Fiesta. Both let us slow cook the meats and prep a lot of things in advance. Both have lots of cool sides that will let you play with your new stuff.

        But that's just me. I'll jump on any excuse to drink. And everyone knows you can't eat BBQ or have a Fiesta without drinking!

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        1. re: DuffyH

          i just moved the silverware for the 2nd time this morning. thought it made most sense in the island, but not so sure.

          and i don't think i'll ever get used to where the garbage is now. which is in the island instead of next to the sink.

          1. re: eLizard

            Aha! I have a real pantry for the first time where the trash can resides and it took me forever to stop opening the cabinet under the sink.

            1. re: eLizard

              Silverware is best located between the table and the dishwasher.
              If the island is your prep space, that's the best place for the wastebasket.

              If everything is in the right place functionally, it won't take long to get used to it.

              1. re: kitchengardengal

                trash is in island workspace.

                island is also the table. and i can either put the silverware in there or next to the dishwasher which is across from the island. i'm just working out the ergonomics.

          2. The last time I had to learn in a brand new kitchen was in a house my parents bought off a plan when I was 16. Used to a plain old electric cooker with four coil elements, we got a gas twin wall oven with all the whistles and a 6 burner hob. I overcooked everything for about a week.

            In terms of not new, but new to me - I moved into my current flat 18 months ago and was without a working oven for 11 months, just a four burner gas hob, a toaster and a kettle. The things I can do with pastas, soups and stirfrys. it took me quite a while to get used to having a working oven again, but it was certainly better to have more equipment to use and forgetting I could use it than the time the gas was swtiched off for 10 days. Then it was a single electrical hotplate, a toaster and a kettle. Oh, the things I can do with sandwiches.

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            1. re: ultimatepotato

              the electric skillet and kettle were revelations during the renovation. they're amazing.

            2. I thought the thoughest thing was finding stuff as just about everything was relocated. A blessing in discuise was the fact the cabinet doors came a few weeks after the cabinets were filled, so everything was in plain sight for awhile. The conversion to gas was really easy. Having two fridges was and continues to be a point of confusion, just can't keep putting everything back in the right fridge.