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May 14, 2014 09:03 AM

Camping Meals/Recipes?

I'm a novice camper, we've done it a few times, always at a regular campsite, and never for more than 2 days. We're going camping for memorial day weekend, and I'd like to up the ante on our camp cooking. There's just two of us.

What do you usually make? What do you prep before you leave? How do you keep it organized/cold enough/etc.?

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  1. I freeze drinkable water in gallon jugs to make block ice. They last a long time and keep the cooler cold. They melt into refreshing ice water instead of making everything soaking wet. I supplement that with ziploc bags of crushed ice to fill in the gaps and make everything cold enough and to use for drinks.

    Use two coolers to separate your drinks and your raw meat!

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      Love this idea of putting the ice in bags and such. Our coolers keep everything cold pretty well but I don't like that melty ice all over everything!

    2. What is your cooking setup like, stove (big small, fire, etc. It makes a difference on what you can make.

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        As a follow up to clarify, it all depends on what you have and are able to take. Between a stove like this

        and a Weber kettle, I’ve done Thanksgiving dinner before. The better ice chests like those made by Yeti can keep things cool for up to a week. There's not too many limits on what you can take, or make with the right setup.

      2. If you have a vacuum sealer you can make "boil-in-bag" meals and they won't leak in the cooler (though a separate cooler for keeping the ice with your drinks away from food is always a good idea when you can, just in case.) Foil packets are another one with lots of possibilities (fish, steaks, veggies with garlic butter or sauces, etc.)

        Here's a link with some ideas:

        What is your cooking set up? Campfire? Propane stove? Propane grill? Charcoal grill?

        I prep EVERYTHING at home since it's so hard to clean up efficiently while camping and its hard to haul enough water for cleanup in addition to everything else.

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          We've also made "boil in a bag" omelets using ziplock bags (the freezer kind - the regular ones aren't durable enough). Everyone gets their own bag, and they can add whatever they'd like to their omelet - chopped onions, cheese, little wedges of ham, whatever). Takes ~ 1-2 minutes - our camp stove is very hot. We bring tongs to pull the bags out of the water.
          Like Weezieduzzit, we do virtually all the prep before leaving home. We often freeze meals like stew quite flat in heavy-duty ziplock bags, so they can stack in a cooler. Heat up in a pot of boiling water like above, just takes a little longer than the omelet. Then the one big pot doesn't really need cleaning - just throw away the bags and clean your plate and spork using the hot water from the pot.
          Eating like this is a real treat, compared to when I went camping as a kid and we ate mainly ramen.

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            "Then the one big pot doesn't really need cleaning - just throw away the bags and clean your plate and spork using the hot water from the pot. "

            I wish I had vac sealed or ziplocked the baked beans we had on Saturday night instead of having to wash the pan I had taken with water from the cooler and have more trash from the cans since where we went is BLM land without services like trash cans. Next time, for sure!

        2. Car camping is way different than hauling everything on your back. Make a checklist, I once forgot the salt and the dusty box from country store was pretty expensive. Real food, not freeze dried, is way better and carrying a few days worth is not hard. Have a tablecloth for campground table and those flexible cutting board sheets are handy to work on. Paper goods but you still need some wash up stuff. Be able to secure your food from bugs and animals. Have a back up plan for bad weather.

          1. I am older now and haven't gone camping in a few years-
            I made stew, hamburgers-nothing very exciting.
            this is a good company to buy dried and freeze dried items


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              I always went tent camping with a pop up tent from campmor-
              The food was always simple and fresh
              I also used to grind coffee and make mellitta filter coffee