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May 14, 2014 09:03 AM

Downtown Charlotte for a Large Group - Your Recs?

Hello Charlotte 'Hounds,

A far-flung group will be gathering in Charlotte for a wedding party over Memorial Day weekend and about 20 of us have a night to fend for ourselves with our kids. Most of us would be pretty unhappy at a chain or a hotel buffet, but given the size of our group, we don't expect to be able to hit any farm-to-table market-driven holes-in-the-wall (ok, think I used up my hyphen allotment there.)

We are staying at the Marriott City Center hotel on W. Trade Street, and not all of us have cars, so something in walking distance would be the best option. Would like to find something fun and casual, with good quality food and cocktails. Food can be simple, but we do have a selection of red meat adverse people, so a straight up burger joint won't work well. Would like to keep entrée price point under $25.

We are looking for a place that will take reservations for Saturday, 5/24.

Thanks so much!

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  1. You might want to look into The Kings Kitchen. It's right across the street from your hotel and has very good southern style food. I'm not sure if they have alcohol other than wine and beer.

    1. 7th Street Market closes at 8p on Saturdays, if you met around 6p that might work. There's pizza, sushi and sandwiches. There's also a cheese store, coffee shop and a retail wine outlet. So everyone can grab what they want. The best place for coffee is located in there (Not Just Coffee), I would rather walk barefoot then drink coffee in the hotel.

      There's also Villa Francesca's on 7th and Caldwell, that is a good family place.

      Maybe you could reserve some tables on the patio at e2, it's not really what you think of for kids, but sitting outside would be fun! You could call and see what they say.. and more importantly, they have excellent cocktails.

      I'm posting photos from food and wine from 7th St Market. The pizza and salad photos of Pure Pizza. They also have a few local beers on tap.

      1. Pretty sure your wedding weekend will coincide with Speed Street festivies.

        Plan accordingly.

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            Totally nutso, I'm afraid. Check to see if The Asbury at The Dunhill Hotel has their private room available. I don't think there's a room charge and it is a market-driven restaurant that's gotten good reviews recently.


            Another option is Roosters Uptown. Another good seasonal food establishment that meets your criteria. They have lots of great vegetarian options and have house-made pastas, steaks chicken and seafood.

            Good luck!

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              I second Roosters Uptown. It's a short 2 block walk from the hotel and distant enough from the Speed Street festival over at the NASCAR Hall of Fame so you will not have to contend with crowds. Make your reservation asap given how large your group is....

        1. You could also use the lightrail and get out of Uptown!!

          Nan and Byron's
          Tupelo Honey
          The Liberty

          1. Thanks everyone! We got a reservation for 17 at Roosters Uptown - looks like it fits the bill in every regard!

            Now to catch up on the musical stylings of .38 Special, so we can enjoy the Speed Street festivities after dinner...

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              Hahaha! Entertaining people watching for sure. You won't be bored. Enjoy!