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May 14, 2014 07:18 AM

Dead Sea lunch

Day trip next week to the Dead Sea with children 6 and under. Where should we eat lunch? Plan is to do Ein Gedi first. Then swim (Is Mineral Beach child friendly? Or May ride the cable car up to Masada, if the kids hold up. If we head that way, where should we do lunch? Is there a reason to spring for using one of the hotel beaches?

Is there a lunch place worth knowing about (the kids do know how to behave in restaurants)? Or maybe recommend a snack bar where the kids can run around. Advice on all points welcome.

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  1. In November, we ate at Ein Gedi Hot Spring Resort. The food was quite good for cafeteria style. But it was still cafeteria style. Lots of kid friendly food and environment, though there are lots of older tour groups floating about.

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        I agree that the Ein Gedi Hot Spring Resort is kid friendly -- that's where I usually go when I visit the Dead Sea. I went to Mineral Beach just once (with kids) & found it not as appealing physically.
        The resort is also closer to where you'll be in the morning -- I'm assuming that you mean the Ein Gedi/Nachal David hike -- than the hotels, which are in Ein Bokek.
        A friendly warning: If you do go to one of the Ein Bokek hotels, try not to drink the water or any post-mix soft drinks. Ein Gedi water is fine.
        Have a good time!

        1. re: almond tree

          In the times that I have been to the dead sea, i remember very limited choices outside the hotels, especially in the evening. As a result, the last time we were there in 2010, I opted in advance for dinner at the hotel. I remember one snack place open during the day that was kosher.

        2. re: DeisCane

          We ate there a few years ago! Not bad, at all!