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May 14, 2014 06:37 AM

Where to find Four Roses LESB in NYC area (when released)

Sounds like the new Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel is coming out in June. Having never tried it before, I'd love to get a bottle. I'm in the NYC suburbs (Westchester). Should I call stores to see if they're getting it in? Wait until it's released? Any stores that will definitely have it?

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  1. Possibly Astor, Sherry-Lehmann, or Park Ave in the City.

    Probably not in Westchester. Maybe try the Harrison Wine Vault in Harrison, they have a large bourbon selection, but if not them, or Westchester Wine Warehouse in White Plains, or maybe Grapes in North White Plains, or Midway in Scarsdale, then I doubt anyone else in Westchester will.

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      Thanks, JMF. Would you recommend calling ahead or waiting until it's released?

      1. re: jaba

        That would be your call... but, maybe find out if they carried it in the past, or will in when released. That's a Fall release date, right?