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Where to find Four Roses LESB in NYC area (when released)

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Sounds like the new Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel is coming out in June. Having never tried it before, I'd love to get a bottle. I'm in the NYC suburbs (Westchester). Should I call stores to see if they're getting it in? Wait until it's released? Any stores that will definitely have it?

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  1. Possibly Astor, Sherry-Lehmann, or Park Ave in the City.

    Probably not in Westchester. Maybe try the Harrison Wine Vault in Harrison, they have a large bourbon selection, but if not them, or Westchester Wine Warehouse in White Plains, or maybe Grapes in North White Plains, or Midway in Scarsdale, then I doubt anyone else in Westchester will.

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      Thanks, JMF. Would you recommend calling ahead or waiting until it's released?

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        That would be your call... but, maybe find out if they carried it in the past, or will in when released. That's a Fall release date, right?