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What to order on the menu?

My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary in Newport, RI with a quick stop in Mystic, CT on our way over. Below are the restaurants we made reservations for. I would love to hear suggestions on what to order or signature dishes/cocktails from those that have dined at these establishments.

S&P oyster co in Mystic
Anthony's in Middletown
Brick Alley Pub

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  1. S&P Oyster has a great bread pudding.

    1. Bouchard: great wine list, Grand Marnier souffle must be ordered with entrees and you can't go wrong with one of their specials

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        Have not had a bad meal at Bouchard's; anything on the menu or the specials will be excellent. The service is also excellent and it is a nice speicial occasion decor.

      2. whatever you do, don't order the clams.

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            And if you get a lobster, remember that every part of it is edible except the tail and the claws.

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              Don't forget to save room for dessert!

          2. Brick Alley has the best Nachos in town.

            The Mooring is always putting new cocktail on their menu and I love trying what they come up with.

            1. We found Brick Alley mediocre at best. French onion soup was bland and the chowder was one step above wallpaper paste.

              Had a surprisingly good meal at the Mooring considering it looks like a typical tourist trap. Cocktails were only ok and on the small side for the price. I highly recommend the "bag of doughnuts" which are their seafood fritters. Really good. Salmon wrap sandwich, chowder and fish and chips were all excellent.

              1. Anthonys has nice fried seafoods
                Fluke is nice
                Bouchards is Special classic French not pretentious

                1. Please reply re Anthony's. I always get clam chowder that is all potatoes. Never a good meal. It must be me.

                  About the Brick Alley, go for lunch on Tuesday. The soup at the salad bar on that day is great, and sold separately for $$. I love their salad bar. At the bar, order your drink "up" and you get a huge one. Yes, it may be more, but it is huge. :)