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May 14, 2014 05:51 AM

Ani Ramen House - Montclair

I walked past this place 2 weeks ago (on my way to see the film Chef, which anyone on this board would enjoy, btw!)--paper on the windows and a Coming Soon sign. Then the folks at Sun Noodle tweeted their support, so my interest was heightened. Anyone know anything more?? I'd be thrilled to have real ramen closer to home...!

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  1. They tweeted on 5/9 they're less than 2 weeks away. I ate at Ippudo yesterday and agree that local ramen joint is great addition (as long as it's good!)

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      We always seem to be aligned on this stuff, Harrison! I saw that tweet too, but nothing since, iirc.

    2. Just seen on Twitter:

      “@AniRamen: Sneak Peak (sic) tonight ! Thurs-Sat from 6-9pm. 

      Enjoy 20% on us while we perfect our craft :)  

      1. Awesome. We went for the first time Friday evening. Happy we'd made a reservation (7PM), because there was a line out the door.

        We shared two apps - pork buns and stuffed shitake. Delicious. Someone else was having the crispy gyoza. I was tempted to extend my chopsticks and pluck one off his plate. I had the Ani Ramen (with pork broth and added nori and ajitama (soft boiled egg). First rate. My wife had the mazeman (no broth). Also good, but she'll do ramen with broth next time.

        Service - friendly and hospitable. The room has more of a NYC feel in a good way.

        They don't do takeout on weekends, and I'm not sure takeout ramen is ever a god idea. We will be back in the very near future.

        1. address, please!!!!! this sounds like a winner...


          1. The ramen at Ani was just OK to me. Rather go to Santouka in Edgewater or Menya In Fort Lee. Service was great tho.

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              Could you elaborate as to why? I love the broth at Santouka!

              1. re: agnesrob

                If that is the case, you will love Menya Sandaime in Fort Lee. Noodles, egg, charshu and broth done to perfection. Ani does the noodles and egg well but broth and charshu was lackluster compared to the both mentioned. It was tough and did not have that char flavor.

                Menya Sandaime
                1638 Parker Ave
                Fort Lee, NJ

                1. re: Christizz

                  Thanks, lackluster broth is a definite deal breaker. Thanks for the info about Menya Sandaime!