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May 14, 2014 05:36 AM

Best lobster in NH

In NH, anyone know of an all you can eat lobster place? Or the best place to eat fresh lobster? For possible publication….thank you!

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  1. HillDavis, you're asking two very different's about quantity and one's about quality. Which would you like answered for your article? Also, is your question extendable to ME? NH has very little actual seacoast, with a few good places, but just over the bridge your options expand.

    And welcome to CH!

    1. Sorry to confuse! Quality is my topic so that would come first. However, I was personally interested if any all you can eat lobster venues still existed anywhere in NH. And thank you! Happy to be part of CH!

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        You might want to repost this on the Northern New England board. Welcome!

      2. Just over the line in Kittery Maine, is Chauncey's Creek. Located down a series of stairs to the creekside dining, it is a memorable evening. It's BYOB and simple and plain but lovely spot and great lobster, of course.

        Many families make it a traditional outing with table clothes, appetizers and fancy utensils and glassware.

        In the evenings, being situated well up a creek (although you can come by boat), there usually is not much of a breeze. Good for dining, but can be a feast for bugs addition to your Byob, you might want some bug spray

        1. Need only NH! Thank you!

          1. Lots of folks like Peteys in Rye NH. Just over the border in Seabrook NH, lots of people like Markeys and Browns Lobster pools--they face each other on Rte 286. Brown's attracts a slightly younger and more diverse crowd; they're BYOB, and people do. Markey's has a beer and wine license and I'm a big fan of their lobster, boiled or fried.

            Don't know of any AYCE places. I'd recommend trying all the places that CH mentions before publishing. "Best" is wicked subjective.