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May 14, 2014 05:16 AM

Change of plans -- need quick help with food walking tour

Long story but I have thurs with 75-yr old mom & 21-yr old son in NYC with no reservations. Mom hasn't been here in 20 years and wants to walk as much as possible but will need frequent rests. Son is military and wants good food. He will meet us in city in afternoon. Mom will like window shopping in the am and then I can take her to phantom matinee at 2 to give her a walking rest. But other than that they both want to wander and eat. Any ideas? I'm trying to search the boards on my phone and it's giving me a headache ;)

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  1. West Village food crawl

    Start near Washington Square Park with a coffee and a pastry and slowly walk up Bleecker St from 6th. ave.

    Murray's Cheese on Bleecker St has a bench outside as does Amy's Bread and Bantam Bagels. Bosie Tea Parlor has table service seating. So does Cones.

    There's also a park catacorner from Magnolia Bakery.

    There's a few places to sit in Chelsea Market but not a ton. Note also they only seem to have one bathroom stall. The High Line has more--elevators at some entrances, public restrooms. Food vendors. And plenty of places to sit on the High Line.

    I would start this walking tour around 11am since many places don't open before then.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Chelsea Market has more than 1 bathroom stall.

      Also there are more than a few places to sit...each eating establishment has tables and chairs.

      1. re: pbjluver

        It can be hard to find a seat if you're just noshing around, as it's a popular place. And even with more than one stall, the bathroom line can be very, very long. Just want to make sure the OP knows what she's getting into.

        1. re: kathryn

          Chelsea Market has recently split the bathrooms. there's a corridor for ladies on the north side just passed the Wine Vault. not sure if the previous bathrooms are now designated as men's only.

          1. re: coasts

            I usually walk down to The Apple Store if the bathroom at CM has a wait.

            1. re: coasts

              Previous bathrooms by the waterfall thing are mens-only now. Was there for lunch today (Saturday) around 1pm and had the pleasure (heh) of seeing a rare sight: a line for the men's room.

              Ladies room is now outside Amy's Bread. The line was also quite long but down a long hallway, so there was space to wait & it moved quickly.

        2. re: kathryn

          A nice sitting spot at the intersection of Bleecker & 6th Ave. & Carmine Street (close to Murray's and Amy's) is Father Demo Park. Rocco's, just across from Amy's on Bleecker is one of my favorite Italian Bakeries and there is lots of seating (and nice bathrooms) if you want to order cappuccino and a treat or gelato. Enjoy!

          1. re: kathryn

            Correction: I believe Cones is still counter service

            Also the son may enjoy the atmosphere of Blind Tiger

            1. re: scoopG

              Thanks -- we have been exploring the area around the hotel -- Vietnamese tonight, and just had lunch at momofuku ssam. I just thought it would be fun to sample bites of things as we walk around on thurs -- mom hasn't seen Times Square shops on 5th 40 years! I thought there might be a walking food tour instead of a full meal at a restaurant :)

              1. re: alermar

                Unfortunately the times SQ area is not that conducive to that type of eating. You could walk over to ninth and sample a bunch of things from the restaurants over there. I think your best bet is to take the 1 train down to the Village and do Kathryn's tour above. Don't worry about the "board police"

                1. re: alermar

                  This serious eats piece about Times Square might be helpful. You can hit the street food and quick bites section.


                  1. re: alermar

                    Gotham West Market is not far from Times Sq. They have several places to eat, including Ivan Ramen. They have delicious ice cream sandwiches there, Spanish Food, sea food. Restaurants in the area maybe Becco, Esca, Inakaya, Sushi Gari, Blue fin, Keen's.
                    I also second Chelsea Market. Madison Park food stalls, and Eataly.

                    1. re: alermar

                      Times Square 40 years ago...

                      1. re: porker

                        So funny -- my mom said it was full of porn shops and x-rated theaters. Now it's M&Ms store, toys-r-us, etc :D

                  2. Thank you all -- this is just what I needed -- I think we'll follow these recommendations and are especially grateful for the sitting/resting recommendations as well!

                    1. Madison Square Eats (in Madison Square Park at the northwest corner) fits your description for both wandering and sitting/resting. So many great food options!!

                      1. Back from NY and want to thank you all for your recommendations. My mom and I literally ate our way through the city, and she didn't even want to take a break to see a show :)
                        We had a french doughnut (OMG fried croissant dough with sugar!!) at Mille Feuille -- it was so good that my mom kept scheming for a way to get back there before our flight the next day! Picked up cheese at Murrays. We didn't make it to Chelsea Market or the High Line (we return for more dr appts in 3 months so I promised we would get there for the next trip!) because my mom wanted to go to Macys, so we headed up to Madison Square Eats where we ate and lounged and soaked up the atmosphere. Took a cab to Macys then headed to Times Square but took a detour for Tabata Noodle, which mom loved. We then wandered up 5th and went to Ma Peche where we sat at the counter and had pork buns and tiny rice cakes with veggies that were amazing. By that time, my son made it into the city, but mom was exhausted, so we took a cab back down to Union Square where we sat in the park. We didn't have a reservation, but were lucky enough to get a table at ABC Kitchen, which we all loved! My son especially was grateful for fresh high quality food (what he gets at the Academy is inedible, and when he makes it to the city, it's usually pizza & beer). Then we went back to Madison Square for ice cream sandwiches and relaxing in the park. It was a fantastic and memorable day and I can't thank you all enough for your suggestions. Mom is super-excited to return and try the full West Village food crawl & High Line. Bless you all :)