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May 14, 2014 03:43 AM

"I like to really curate my herbs"

I saw this Smirnoff ad and got a kick out of it, so I figured I'd share. Though somehow I don't think a mixologist with such fancy pants would be using vodka in his deconstructed martinis.

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  1. I thought the commercial was silly. Too unintelligent a parody.

    Now this parody I like...

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    1. Honestly, I've been enjoying this whole Smirnoff campaign. This particular ad wasn't all that clever (I agree - a serious bartender would not "deconstruct" a martini, nor use vodka in one), but I like that they're skewering the premium vodka marketing machine.

      Personally, I'm a Sobieski girl.

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          Can't beat Sobieski, especially for the price. Smirnoff is a little more neutral (I did a blind comparison of them once), but the mild flavor of Sobieski is not at all unpleasant.

          1. re: ncyankee101

            I've been a Luksusowa fan for 20 years. It the the smoothest out there. Sobieski is a close second. Both are great bargains.