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May 13, 2014 08:49 PM

I-Tea Oakland, opening and report

I have been averaging about 3 tapioca drinks a week for the past 5 months, and was very excited about the grand opening of a new taiwanese tapioca shop on Webster at 10th street in Oakland Chinatown. They opened this past Thursday with 30min+ lines due to their buy one get one free promotion. This week the lines have died down and I've sampled at least 6 of their offerings.

Tea: their tea quality is higher than the other tapioca tea shops in Oakland Chinatown. Not quite the same level as Asha Tea in Berkeley but definitely good quality. Their standard milk tea is a notch above most, and their specialty teas are even better.

Tapioca: average, roughly the same quality as Quickly. Tapioca is on the smallish side. Juice a go-go on 9th/Franklin still has the best tapioca in the neighborhood.

Strengths: diversity of menu. They can add pudding to the bubble tea (Hokkaido tea is excellent tea with tapioca and pudding) and also red bean, in addition to the standard jellies, etc. They also have tea lattes, similar to Asha.

Price: $3-4 for a large cup, which is not the cheapest (Quickly's cheapest tapioca offering is $2.17 for a small cup, half a block away). But certainly beats Cha-time on 9th and Alice, which runs $4-5 for their standard large. Juice a go-go averages about $3 for their standard small.

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  1. on fridays, leaflet gal was saying promo would last a week, monday, it was gone. now it's buy 5 drinks at one time, get one free.

    waits still 20 minutes, my roasted oolong milk tea (3.5) very weak in oolong tea, strong in milk and sugar taste.
    wouldn't recommend unless u have money to waste.

    1. Is there a link to this business? I tried looking it up on yelp (just curious) and couldn't even find the business. Do you know if they carry a matcha ice tea with salted cream?

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        I think the shop is called I-Tea, 388 9th St Ste 125A, Oakland, CA 94607. 510-882-2228. From a Yelp menu pic looks like they have a Japanese Matcha Kreama drink $3.75