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May 13, 2014 08:27 PM

Happy Hour places with relaxing ambience and a plethora of low carb foods

Every now and again we want to socialize with friends at a happy hour. Not our typical scene so we're not too familiar with what's out there. It'd be great to get a list of a few places we can keep in mind for when the mood strikes.

Suitable joints will be ones that are not noisy and hyper, and also have at least a few happy hour snacks that are low carb (mostly that means no flour).

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  1. Stella's Fish Café any day but Friday.

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        Check out the Menu they have more that shellfish. Also the Lowry

    1. only been late night happy hour at Smack Shack on Washington Ave, never been noisy. great HH oysters and shrimp cocktail and drink specials.

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      1. I love the appetizers and drinks at the La Belle Vie lounge. My favorites might not work for you though, though I'm not sure how fries fit into the low-carb thing. They have great lamb burgers (which I assume you could do without the bun) and the fries and potato chips are delicous. They also have a nice cheese plate and a salumi plate that I've never tried but bet would be good. I've also not tried the frog legs, but that might fit your needs. The room itself is beautiful, relaxing, not loud, but feels lively to me. I don't think the prices are outrageous, but I don't think they have any "happy hour" pricing.

        1. Lucia's Wine Bar has a nice vibe (especially if it is nice and you can grab a seat on the patio). Their wine bar menu currently has some things that should work - spiced nuts, olives, charcuterie and they do have some happy hour specials.