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May 13, 2014 04:55 PM

Wegman's Complaints

I like Wegman's. Been shopping there for years. However I do not like some recent trends I have seen there. Two specific complaints:

1. My Tops was out of Fage plain yogurt 2%. So off to Wegmans I go. First thing I noticed - no Fage. Lots of in house Wegmans brand but not my favorite yogurt. So I look and look and finally fine "Wegmans Super Yogurt pre&probiotic blended plain lowfat yogurt". Then I read the ingredient label - second ingredient listed is "organic sugar". Way to take a good product and ruin it. Mox nix how many healthy ingredients are in it, the sugar makes it useless to me. Fage 2% plain has no sugar. So I will wait for Tops to restock.

2. They have really dumbed down their bread recipes lately. I used to like the pani champagne and sourdough. Not any more. Way too much all purpose flour and not enough high gluten flour. Remember the days of Parisian sourdough? High gluten and a fantastic taste. There is no "pull" to their bread anymore. And don't bring up the gluten free crud. Good bread needs high gluten flour. Like good french bread.

There's a lot to like about Wegman's. Just not these two things.

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  1. I had the same problem trying to find a plain unsweetened yogurt at Wegman's South Buffalo store last month. And the less said about their meats the better: just about everything except a few cuts of beer pre-packaged. (yeah, I expect a store as highly touted as Wegmen's to have a butcher who can sell me meat cut to order and in smaller quantities than they think I need.)

    I don't know how much they vary by store, but when I first went to their Amherst store in the early 2000s I was impressed - and I'm a California snob. Based on my recent trip, though, it's now no better than the average Safeway. And rather rude to boot.

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      I like their beef selection but it does bother me that for the most part it's all precut and vacuum sealed.

      My local store has large containers of Fage but no small containers.

    2. I definitely see a drop in quality and selection. It seems that when a store first opens they pull out all the stops/bells and whistles to hook you and once you have been reeled in 4-5 years perhaps, the quality begins to suffer.

      1. Sugar in plain yogurt? That sounds really odd.