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May 13, 2014 04:19 PM

Totto Ramen?

I don't get it. Ramen has been such a popular CH topic this year, but no one has been to Totto Ramen yet?! From what i have heard from the waitstaff there, there has been a line at the door every night they have been open (~ a week or so) but no CHs in those lines?

AllstonBrighton is not close to me, and i have been blissfully happy with Philip Tang's special ramen at East by Northeast these last months (Wed. only) but I also am hoping for the best with Totto.

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  1. I haven't yet, but live very very close and keep planning to go, but have been traveling for work/had other dinner engagements.

    Will be sure to report back.

    1. They were full and the line was 20 people long when I passed at 5:45 today. I'll wait until things have quieted down a bit.

      1. Bump. Hey CHs! I really can't figure out why no one has posted about this place yet?? What happened to all the ramenphiles out there?!!

        And I've not read any comments on the 'new' ramen dishes at HMart Sapporo in Central Sq. either... Please tell us!

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          I went to Sapporo in Central Square. It was fine, but didn't really seem worth writing about. I got the original ramen. Nice springy noodles, okay pork, and I liked the inclusion of yu choy. I found the broth way too heavy, though. I've had Sapporo ramen in Porter and while the broth there was rich, I could still eat it on its own. The stuff in Central I could only tolerate as a sauce on the noodles and other soup ingredients. Having a spoonful of it alone was like drinking gravy. I will eat there again because it's conveniently located, affordable, and not bad, but I wouldn't make a special trip. I'm hopeful that Totto will finally fix the lack of good ramen in Boston (I don't count weird/fancy ramen or ramen that's only available certain days/times).

        2. Waiting for things to settle down too. I've read mixed reviews on the Japanese-American in Boston blog which wasn't encouraging. Hoping they achieve some consistency before I brave the line.

          1. It's in queue, but the queue is backlogged these days.