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May 13, 2014 04:08 PM

Seeking fresh fava beans

Someone, please! Tell me where I can get fresh fava beans in the pod without having to go to 9th street/Italian Market. I'm in the Media area. The moron at Whole Foods said on the phone they had them but alas only the nasty dried ones.

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  1. Are you ever in Center City? I've seen them as recently as a week ago both at Iovine Bros in Reading Terminal and Sue's Produce on 18th.

    1. You might want to check at Pete's Produce in Westtown. I think I've seen them there in the past.

      1. I agree about Iovine's in the Reading Terminal. I have not seen any local ones yet - they should be coming soon.

        1. Wegman's carries them in season. No luck yet, but they should be around soon.

          1. All the Latino markets I've been in recently have had them. Check one of those.