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Haagen Daz did away with Pistachio and Cookies and Cream

I have been searching everywhere for the last two weeks. I finally just went to their website, and pulled up their flavors, and both are gone. Every store I’ve visited had plenty of pineapple coconut and rum raisin. How could these flavors be more popular than cookies and cream?
Anyone know if there are any other good brands for these flavors?

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  1. Talenti gelato for pistachio, actually even better than haagen daz.

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    1. re: Ttrockwood

      Thanks. Does it have nuts in it?
      ETA - Of course it contains nuts, doh! I was hoping it would have little nut pieces like HD.

      1. re: EM23

        Yup. Crunchy nut bits too. Its very rich, but even a tiny portion is very satisfying.

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        I'm so sad! My favourite Haagen Dazs flavours are gone and I live in Canada and as far as I know...Talenti isn't sold here! At least I haven't been able to find it....

      3. Try the Haagen Daz pistachio gelato.

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          Didn't know they had it in gelato. Thanks!

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            There is no cookies and cream gelato though.

        2. Is that why Haagen Daz was on sale at my local grocery for $1.99 last week?

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            I have never found it for that low...must be trying to sell off pineapple coconut,

          2. I don't see pistachio, but Graeter's makes a good product, and cookies & cream is one of their flavors


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              C&C is my absolute favorite, but I see they make orange cream and blueberry pie flavors as well. Can't wait! Thank you.

            2. "How could these flavors be more popular than cookies and cream? "

              Or pistachio for that matter. This is really an odd marketing decision.

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                The decision to get rid of such classics, yet keep flavors like white chocolate raspberry truffle and green tea ice cream, seems almost criminal.
                I spoke with a Pathmark employee yesterday who was stocking the ice cream shelves and he said that HD is moving away from ice cream and focusing more on their gelato, sorbet and bar product lines. This is obvious since what was once a full case of HD ice cream is now reduced to just a few shelves in all of the stores that I have been in recently.

              2. Haagen Daz is now owned and controlled by Nestle...decision are based on cost not customer needs/desires.\

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                  I guess pistachios are getting too expensive. still, I can't believe they got rid of pistachio flavor out of all. It's my husband's favorite. Luckly, Talenti has it and it's on sale at my local supermarket for $2.88 for whole 16 oz.

                  1. re: Monica

                    Talenti is really amazing (although i must admit i wait til sales to buy it!), their alphonso mango and blood orange are the best most intense flavor i've ever had from store bought (most similar to grom)

                    1. re: Ttrockwood

                      My 6 yr old loves Talenti mango but since I like things rich, I don't really eat desserts with no cream in it. My local supermarket has Talenti on sale right now for $2.88....will have to stock them up. Love every flavor they have but not a big fan of simple flavors like vanilla and chocolate.

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                        Talenti Roman Raspberry is (I think) the best berry sorbet around. And I love the Talenti packaging, a jar with screw top that has an afterlife freezing liquidy things like leftover gazpacho.

                        1. re: Querencia

                          oh, i use those plastic containers for everything...from bringing lunch to work to storing kids toys to storing food in the fridges..love those.

                  2. They have the C&C in limited edition it's called "Midnight Cookies and Cream".

                    1. I have been searching for Cookies & Cream for months now - finally went to their web site, and realized they no longer have it! I'm devastated! Just seeing your post and realizing pistachio is gone too - another great flavor. I did see that they have midnight cookies and cream in their limited edition line, but I don't want the chocolate base. I also like Breyer's Cookies & Cream - you should give that a whirl. Good luck!

                      1. Pistachio was my favorite too. Why they would do that is beyond me. May be if many of us write a complain on their website they can reinstate those
                        Pistachio was about the only ice cream flavor I liked and ate ever.
                        I tried Ben and Jerry pistachio awful not even close don't waste your money.

                        1. They got rid of my favorite - Java Chip too

                          1. I have no idea why they stopped making the Haagen Dasz Pistachio Gelato, other than the price being too costly... I have been noticing the stores I go to were not restocking the Pistachio Gelato and I finally got frustrated and asked the manager to inquire to the Vendor. No explanation was given and I could only find a few stores that had some left. Afetr a couple months of not being able to find my favorite desert I wrote Haagen Dasz to find out what was going on... They said do to "production difficulties the product was being discontinued!" I found this to be shocking! I was recently in Italy and fell in love with Pistachio Gelato. Haagen Dazs was the closest to the real thing! Most Pistachio Gelato/Ice Cream use Almond paste or extract which runs the flavor. Haagen Dasz never did this....
                            What makes me perplexed is that the stores I shopped at (when they were making Pistachio Gelato) it was flying off the shelves.... This means that some STUPID BEAN COUNTER decided that the COST of their product was not worth making. I wrote the company and told them I would gladly pay more for the product if they were to bring it back... I am awaiting a response! If they fail to bring it back I will refuse to buy ANYTHING made by Nestle/Haagen Dasz... If you have been to Italy and had the real Pistachio Gelato you would understand how close Haagen Dasz came to making the "REAL THING!" I am most disappointed!
                            A formerNestle/Haagen Dasz customer....

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                              Write them and ask. At least you will get some coupons!! I did!

                              1. re: wincountrygirl

                                I did write to them to complain :D Didn't know I could get coupons though. I hope they give me coupons because I still like some of their classic flavours, especially strawberry!

                                1. re: michifir

                                  I emailed them when they got rid of my Java Chip. They emailed me back and apologized and said they were sending me some coupons to try some other flavors. They did.

                            2. I absolutely cannot believe cookies and cream is gone...... It's my favourite ice cream of all time and it was so popular....I'm so devastated by this.