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May 13, 2014 02:45 PM

Sending my parents for the 1st time......

My parents are finally making it down to my favorite city and although they are not adventurous eaters ( my 80 year old dad could eat broiled salmon every night) they do like good food ( they live in nyc)......thoughts in where to send them.....bayona? Commanders? Emerils? Brightsens? August? Herbsaint? They are not pork eaters or into raw or fried foods......

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  1. >>> They are not pork eaters or into raw or fried foods...... <<<

    And they are going to New Orleans because . . . why?????

    I mean . . . honest -- I'm not trying to be difficult . . . the South in general is a pork and/or fried food paradise, and NOLA isn't really that much of an exception. And aside from the fact that sushi is ubiquitous in the United States today (and that includes New Orleans), raw oysters on the half shell abound! And the food is so good as to make the ultra-orthodox stop being Kosher . . . .

    OK, obviously they should skip Cochon . . . will they eat Commander's justifiably famous turtle soup? Bayona's sweetbreads? Mr. B's BBQ Shrimp?

    If they aren't adventurous eaters, I'd probably stick with the classics, like Commander's and the not-mentioned-above Galatoire's, probably Emerils, too. Brigtsen's (not Brightsens) might work, if they stick to duck or seafood, as would Bayona -- to be honest, most restaurants will accommodate someone who doesn't eat pork, but I hope your folks are Monty Python fans . . .

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      Perhaps for all the food that's not pork, fried, or raw seafood? Your response is wickedly pessimistic -- even at Cochon some of their best dishes (the salads, the oyster roast, the brisket, and the desserts) are well within the guidelines. Though admittedly Peche is probably the better Link choice for a dedicated seafood eater.

      I think the original list is a great start. I would, as Zin did, add Galatoire's. Also Doris Metropolitan if your folks are even remotely into beef -- it's very good indeed. It wouldn't be my top choice but GW Fins seems like an appropriate recommendation as well. Feelings in the Marigny would provide a completely different atmosphere and while not a five-star offering, rarely disappoints.

      1. re: montuori

        We just returned from New Orleans. Our favorite food by far was GW Fin. Also Muriel's was very good. We're pretty much in the same demographic as you describe tour parents.

        1. re: Plano Rose

          Muriel's keeps popping up consistently as enjoyable although I don;t think that this is at all the view of most natives. What did you have and how much was it?

          1. re: hazelhurst

            I had the strawberry salad, bayoubaise, and bread pudding. It was on the prixe fixe menu . Very good. In the past I've had the puppy drum, the crawfish crepe and the seafood gumbo. This trip Muriel's food was far better than Commander's. Of course service and ambience at Commander's can't be beat. That said, the ambience at Muriel's is first rate. In my opinion the food at GW Fin is in a class by itself.

      2. re: zin1953

        "And they are going to New Orleans because . . . why?????"

        Even if i had a medical condition which only allowed IV nutrition, I'd still hit up New Orleans.
        Do I have to explain why?????

      3. I'm an out-of towner, and haven't visited Pelican Club for a few years, but I thought of their menu when I read what you were looking for - seafood martini, rack of lamb, etc.