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May 13, 2014 02:26 PM

Best wine bars in Denver?

Staying in downtown Denver for 3 nites in August. Looking for wine bars walking distance from the Curtis Hotel. Restaurants w/ good wine programs welcome too. Late nite hours a plus. Thanks!

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  1. I've never been here but am planning to very soon. I don't it's a wine bar tho. I live in Boulder and there are no wine bars here. it's really weird. maybe it has something to do with licensing. I have no idea or it's slow to catch on. I'm sure there are some in Denver.

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      This would be a long walk from downtown, but you could look into the bike share and see if there is a station near there or not a bad cab ride. Satchels on 6th is close by and always has a fun (but small) wine list.

      Also, trolley, I do not know Boulder real well, but the Kitchen Upstairs while not purely a wine bar has that feel and nice wines. I think the lack of wine bars in Boulder, and the relatively few in Denver, has to do with the general love of beer and liquor. So, places seem to be more multi-beverage focused than such a strict wine focus.

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        nateco, i'm familiar with Kitchen upstairs. i'm referring to wine bars that don't serve food at all or a side of bread. where I used to live wine shops doubled as wine bars and offered tastings. every week they would offer different regions or varietals in flights. sometimes it would be tasting one brand or during bordeaux season introduce the ones they carry. they would even get guest sommeliers or guest grape growers to make it interesting. nothing here like that. everything serves food and has a pretty static wine list.

    2. Row 14 is closest and has a nice wine list, and a very good happy hour. Food is ok, but there is better around so would stick with it for wine and apps.

      Caveau Wine Bar is not a bad walk into the neighborhood east of downtown (uptown) and I think they have the most interesting wine list, and also a good happy hour. Several places to eat nearby.

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