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Half-price Sushi for Short Adults?

Last week someone told me there is a place somewhere on Beacon Street in Brookline which sells half-price sushi to adults who are under 5'. I can only find places that do that for kids. Does this ring any bells? A short friend of mine is always citing the downsides of being vertically challenged & would just love this to be true - even if it's not the best sushi!

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  1. No idea- but I'd be interested in your recs for who sells half price sushi for kids!

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      No recs, but found a Brookline place called Takusan via Google that does just that!

    2. Never heard of such a thing. Maybe they serve horizontally challenged fish.

      1. I really do not intend for this to sound mean or rude...but this is rediculous! It is discrimanotory and I believe illegal. Pocketviking, are you being serious? I think that I better stop here. :)

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          Hey, I'm not advocating anything - just following up on a rumor!

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            I can't imagine that this is illegal. You can serve a free dessert to a mother on mother's day; free dinner on a birthday; heck, you can have pink rose day and everyone who wears a pink rose gets a free champagne. How is being short different?

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              well, no, you cannot give away booze, unless it's included in the price of the flower. :)

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              Agree. In particular, I find the discrimanotory part of the practice just rediculous.

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                  Ridiculous? Perhaps

                  Discriminatory? Yes

                  Illegal? Doubtful. Unless you can dig up a law that says you can't discriminate against tall people.

                  Tall people can unite and empower themselves by not patronizing the place.

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                    Not again! Those people under 5 feet tall have it so easy!!!!

                    Seriously, I doubt they do this, it's probably just for kids. But even if they do, I think it's OK to let them have it...

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                      "People over 5 feet tall" is not a legally protected category. Of course it's not illegal.

                      1. Hey, that would be me. I want to know if this place exists!

                        1. The all-you-can eat sushi place that was once in Natick (big place, but I forget the name, and I think they're closed) used to charge by height. My daughter was always tall for her age, and was always charged as an adult.

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                            Minado? Is still open. They don't charge by height though.

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                              Minado in Natick used to charge kids depending on their height. I think they have switched to charging by age now. But they actually had a measuring stick near the hostess stand.

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                                Minado is still open - well, at least as of last week.

                                They DO charge children by height. My vertically challenged wife frequently laments the age discrimination.

                                From their website (30 seconds ago), which matches the video sign in the restaurant:

                                5 ft. & Under: Half of Adult Price
                                4 ft. & Under: 1/4 of Adult Price
                                3 ft. & Under: Free
                                *Children must be 12 years of age or younger

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                                  Well I'll be! I guess the sign is usually blocked by the throngs of people waiting to get in :)

                                  1. re: Prav

                                    It's one of those video monitor signs on the wall, to the right of the inside entrance. The images rotate, so unless you're bored in line without anything else to look at, it's easy to miss.

                                  2. re: NE_Wombat

                                    I guess they felt measuring your waist line would be too invasive?

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                                      So strange. I was there a few weeks ago with my kids and it was the first time they did not measure their height. I thought they had done away with the practice.

                                      1. re: Gordough

                                        Pretty sure we saw it there on 4/21 - but not having kids we've never actually used it. It's still listed as policy on their website, maybe they "forgot".

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                                        To clarify, since there seems to be misunderstanding, Minado like Takusan is talking about children's heights, not adult heights.

                                        1. re: lergnom

                                          Thus my inclusion of:

                                          "They DO charge children by height." and

                                          "*Children must be 12 years of age or younger"

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                                      I'm betting this is the origin of the rumor -- warped, as usual, just like a game of telephone. Maybe we can be sensible and shut it down now rather than indulging in a rantfest full of outraged comments about the morality and legality of something that isn't even happening.

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                                        Thank you, LilBrownBat! I take the blame for testing a rumor & starting this whole thing. Time to move on!

                                    3. Dang it, I miss it by two inches.

                                      1. This is what the actual website for Takusan says:

                                        "Children 5 ft. & Under: Half of Adult Price 4 ft. & Under: 1/4 of Adult Price 3 ft. & Under: FREE *Children must be 12 years of age or younger"

                                        It took 5 seconds to find this. The restaurant, btw, is on the corner of St. Paul and Beacon.

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                                          The sushi is actually quite good there. They make it to order and suggest you limit yourself to 3 orders at a time.

                                          They have some very interesting rolls and they also have traditional Japanese restaurant entrees.

                                          Much better than the mill that is Minado.