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groupon, restaurant.com, living social, amazon local etc?

I am wondering if you get any good deals?

I kind of feel cheap using stuff like that but I've come to the conclusion that I spend waaaaay too much on food since I eat out almost every night.

I have used restaurant.com as someone gave me some vouchers. It worked out. I used them at the Harborside and got 25.00 off when you spend 50....pretty simple. I thought "hey, this coupon thing isn't too bad" as I swallow my pride.

And I just got my mom some groupon deal at the cheesecave the other day. I figured I would test the waters there with a gift and see how that goes.

Naturally they are not going to be "A list" restaurants I have found, but is anyone successfully using any of these services?

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  1. Being a foodie, I use them all the time. I use corporate perks.com through work, $4 for $25 worth of food, need to spend $37.50, very good deal. Look at it this way......the restaurants PARTICIPATE in this, so don't feel guilty/cheap/like a loser. Eat, enjoy, and get your coupon-on. I have gotten them for very good restaurants as well.

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      Cool, I will check that site out Jethro.

      On a side note, did you know that many of those companies can get verizon discounts? (and probably other phone company discounts)

      After many years I just learned this and now save like 20 or 22% off my (and wife's) 200 dollar verizon cell bill. So look into phone discounts if you have not done so. I wish I knew about this years ago.

    2. I also feel a little guilty using them, but, hey, the restaurant made them available and they didn't have to. Though, sometimes I am tempted to go to restaurants I wouldn't otherwise frequent.

        1. Restaurants make a choice to participate. They are "loss leaders", money given up in hopes of converting you to a regular and a source of income for them in the future.

          I was given a $400 restaurant.com card for Christmas and have been surprised at the high-quality restaurants at which I have been able to use it.

          1. I too feel a little silly sometimes when using them but I have saved so much money and been able to try some pricey places without having to wait until a special event.

            1. Groupon used one time. $5.00 for $20.00 Dunkin Donuts gift card. How can you go wrong with that? Now I delete a million Groupon emails a day.

              1. I have seen a lot of complaints about restaurant.com certificates, where restaurants that supposedly accept them no longer do, increase the minimum purchase, etc. In addition, none of the restaurants on it in my area are ones I'm interested in.

                I have used Double Deals (or something like that--can't remember), but it seems like more trouble than it's worth to track what's available. Then again, we tend yto eat at cheap places. :-)

                1. I went nutso three years ago buying restaurant.com coupons on Xmas eve when they were $1 for a $25 cert. Seriously, how do you say no to that!!!

                  Unfort., 3/4 of my certs I have never used and are just sitting there. They let you pick a new one, but the amount of good new restaurants on their site is dwindling rapidly!

                  I did a groupon once and was loathed by the manager for doing it. I think groupon & living social sell these restaurants the world and they wind up dealing with people who spend $50.03 and use a $50 cert for it. You dont see many good spots on there sites - usually its the places that are hurting for business trying to get people in the door.

                  If theres something that really excites me on one of those sites, I'll buy it. I almost got a Bistro Rylo groupon a few weeks ago, but couldnt pull the trigger.

                  I've been using a local site that (I think) my neighbor runs. www.jerseyshoreinmotion.com Not as many deals but they seem to have a solid staple of places on their site and I think its all local spots. Def. worth keeping tabs on.

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                    I did the same thing during that sale and have been using them slowly. As you mentioned their participation rate completely tanked since then and it's getting harder and harder to find places that take them. But getting to use a $50 or 100$ off coupon on occasion is worth it.

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                      Joon or LCD, how did you find out when went on sale or did you just stumble across them?

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                        I think I saw it on some deal site..they regularly have sales but i haven't seen 80-90% off in a couple years.

                  2. Just got an offer from an outfit called homerun.com, which is a groupon wannabe, offering a $100 restaurant.com card for $20. I'm going to pass, because I still have nearly $100 in restaurant.com credit and there's really only one restaurant I regularly go to that accepts them. Sorry to say, the number of quality restaurants in my area participating in restaurant.com has dwindled.

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                      yeah I agree. I just recently checked and was suprised to see what little was left.

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                        Maybe the number of quality restaurants is down because the quality places don't need to offer discounts to get people in the door.
                        I'm not trying to be a wise ass with the comment, but I don't know why a restaurant that is worth going to, unless it's a new one, would offer a 1/2 off deal.

                        1. re: Herm

                          Fully agree.

                          On the other hand, some restaurants cap the amount of restaurant.com credit you can use. For example, our local French bistro, serving decent food, accepts up to $20 in restaurant.com certificates, but requires a minimum of $37.50 purchase. However, a couple ordering dinner and wine is going to spend nearly $100, so they're really filling seats for a 20% discount. Not bad for them.