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May 13, 2014 01:49 PM

groupon,, living social, amazon local etc?

I am wondering if you get any good deals?

I kind of feel cheap using stuff like that but I've come to the conclusion that I spend waaaaay too much on food since I eat out almost every night.

I have used as someone gave me some vouchers. It worked out. I used them at the Harborside and got 25.00 off when you spend 50....pretty simple. I thought "hey, this coupon thing isn't too bad" as I swallow my pride.

And I just got my mom some groupon deal at the cheesecave the other day. I figured I would test the waters there with a gift and see how that goes.

Naturally they are not going to be "A list" restaurants I have found, but is anyone successfully using any of these services?

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  1. Being a foodie, I use them all the time. I use corporate through work, $4 for $25 worth of food, need to spend $37.50, very good deal. Look at it this way......the restaurants PARTICIPATE in this, so don't feel guilty/cheap/like a loser. Eat, enjoy, and get your coupon-on. I have gotten them for very good restaurants as well.

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      Cool, I will check that site out Jethro.

      On a side note, did you know that many of those companies can get verizon discounts? (and probably other phone company discounts)

      After many years I just learned this and now save like 20 or 22% off my (and wife's) 200 dollar verizon cell bill. So look into phone discounts if you have not done so. I wish I knew about this years ago.

    2. I also feel a little guilty using them, but, hey, the restaurant made them available and they didn't have to. Though, sometimes I am tempted to go to restaurants I wouldn't otherwise frequent.

        1. Restaurants make a choice to participate. They are "loss leaders", money given up in hopes of converting you to a regular and a source of income for them in the future.

          I was given a $400 card for Christmas and have been surprised at the high-quality restaurants at which I have been able to use it.

          1. I too feel a little silly sometimes when using them but I have saved so much money and been able to try some pricey places without having to wait until a special event.