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May 13, 2014 01:46 PM

Logan square choice for lunch - Lula or Longman & Eagle?

In June I will be passing through O'Hare with a quite long layover - close to nine hours! I am planning to spend time in the Logan Square neighborhood and will have plenty of time for a good lunch. I've not been to either Lula or Longman & Eagle and would welcome recommendation advice on my chioice. Or is there a newer Logan Square place which is worth a visit?

Other details: I very much like the Logan Square neighborhood but would consider other stops on the Blue Line. (I'm a little "meh" about Wicker Park, however.) I've been to Lula's sister restaurant Nightwood several times and have liked it - but if Lula would be just another verision of it I'd rather try somewhere else. And I will be on my way to northern Italy, so I'm really not interested in any recommendation in that "genre"! Thanks!

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  1. I think both are great options, and Logan Square is easy from O'Hare. You might hear about L&E's no reservations policy and potentially long waits, but at lunch I have not had a problem. I would recommend checking the menu closer to your trip and seeing which has an item you'd prefer to order. If you want some whiskey on your way to Italy, then definitely L&E.

    1. Lula is very different from Nightwood, with an entirely different menu and vibe to it, so don't worry about it being too similar. I would choose it over L&E (although I've only been to the latter for dinner, not lunch).

      I would also consider Jam. Even though it's known as a breakfast/brunch focused restaurant, there are plenty of savory lunch type dishes on the menu. One of Chicago's true gems.

      1. Wow that's tough. Two great choices. You can't go wrong. I used to like Jam a lot but they've gotten a bit weird. Some how colder than the other two but interesting.