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May 13, 2014 01:43 PM

Indonesian/Malay food - restaurants/food courts/rijstafel

I'm feeling a little Indonesian deprived lately.

The food court in Duarte (saturdays only?) and the food court in West Covina on Glendora... I like these Singapore-style food courts, does anyone know if there's more?

And I've eaten at Penang (same place in West Covina), which is fine.

How is Banana Leaf (Temple City, Chicky BBQ & Grill (Arcadia) and the Borneo restaurant (on Garfield)?

And on a different note I see this place has rijstafel: ... any more rijstafel spots around?

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  1. Malaysian eateries continue to fall off.

    Savoy is good for chicken/rice, iced tea and creme brulee.

    Indonesian is the best represented SE Asian cuisine in LA (IMHO). Chicky is good but their style of satay is more like kabobs. Big generous chunks of meat (inc. pork) slathered with sauce is fine but the ratio of caramelization to meat is less than I prefer.

    Borneo Kalimantan is very good. They offer a different array of dishes - many have the same chicken and/or chashu in them. The nasi campur, roti, rojak, gado gado and soto ayam are good.

    Satay House in Walnut is solid. The funk of balacan in their kangkong reminds one of a home made meal, and the satay is on the mark. Nasi bungkus is delicious but beware of the little dab of green sambal - very spicy.

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      thanks for the recs!

      what countries are you including as SE Asia? i would think vietnamese and thai are better represented

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        Sorry - my bad. I should have clarified that of what you were looking for - Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean, that Indonesian is currently the best represented.

    2. Are you looking for places mostly/only on the east side of LA? Would you be interested in places on the west side? For instance Ramayani just south of Westwood Village would be a place to test out as would Simpang Asia over in the Palms (Culver City adjacent) area.

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        Not necessarily - I was looking for rijstaffel and it looks like Ramayani is the only place that does it

      2. Have you tried Toko Rame in Bellflower, right next to the 91 freeway?

        I went there in December with my friend who grew up in LA but has been living in Indonesia for the last few years (in Bandung). He said the flavors are pretty close to Indonesia, with the Nasi Bungkus being the closest to the real deal.

        I thought most of the food was really flavorful and definitely worth checking out. Let me know what you think!

        Toko Rame
        17155 Bellflower Blvd
        Bellflower, CA 90706

        1. Banana Leaf is not Indo/Malay. It's just sort of bad food.

          I like the Hakka chewy noodles at Borneo. Good shaved ice, too.

          1. Borneo (all sorts of rice plates, and Indo-Chinese-Chiu Chow-ish noodles)
            Wong's Java
            Sam's Nutrition for the wknd bento box
            Tip Top Market for wknd bento box.