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May 13, 2014 12:46 PM

Lunch en route back to Jerusalem from Masada and the dead sea?

My husband and I will be touring Masada and the surrounding areas with a car and guide in early June. The guide mentioned that most restaurants around Masada were ordinary, but I thought that you - a community of people who don't want to miss an opportunity to have a great meal whenever you can - may have a suggestion or two. The only idea I could glean from a previous post was Caravan in Abu Gosh. Is that a worthwhile destination?
Thank you so much!

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  1. Abu Ghosh is not close to Masada and the Dead Sea, which are to the east of Jerusalem, while Abu Ghosh is to the west.
    If you hear great things about Caravan, it might be worth going, but you will have to go through Jerusalem to get there. Traffic on that leg of the highway can be very slow moving at rush hour, so plan accordingly.

    1. Nope - no place for a great meal.

      This is a time to enjoy a big breakfast/big dinner and snack for lunch. Or if you're really inspired, go to the shuk and pack your lunch.

      The only food experience of note that I've ever had in that area was one Dead Sea beach allows you to take cans of beers into the water. And to second, Abu Gosh is in no way in the area/on the way. There are places like the Tent restaurant in Bethlehem/Beit Jala that are good and a bit more on the way - but not really.