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May 13, 2014 12:35 PM

Olivier Leflaive and Hostellerie de levernois

I had previously posted the 2 questions I have about the above under Provence. A kind poster suggested not including these in the Provence as I might get better information.

I have been researching restaurants for this area and have many good suggestions from this board, so I feel pretty comfortable except for narrowing down the choices! However, I was hoping for a recent review of the restaurant where we are staying in case we are too tired to go out again for dinner.

Has anyone recently eaten at either of the restaurants at Hostellerie de levernois? I asked this question a few months ago when I first started my searching and received few replies, so I am trying again. I just do not want to wasted any meals at a mediocre restaurant with so many good choices and of course, cheese!

We were also thinking about lunch and tasting/tour at Olivier Leflaive. I received 1 reply with my Provence question that the food was ok, but the experience was enjoyable. The other option I had read about was lunch at Aloxe-Corton at Domaine Comte Senard. Is the food better there? I understand the wines served at Olivier Leflaive are mainly white and Aloxe-Corton are mainly red. Since I love both, that's not a problem.

Thanks for any information. We will be leaving in 5 weeks!

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  1. How long will you be in Bourgogne? Why not do both?

    Olivier Leflaive makes one of my favorite "little Burgs," Les Setilles. :)

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    1. re: ChefJune

      We only scheduled 3 days and 2 nights before heading down to Gordes. After all the research I've been doing lately, I wish I had scheduled more time.

      What is "little Burgs?"

      1. re: topeater

        That's my name for Bourgogne Blanc and Bourgogne Rouge. There are quite a few great bargains in those, especially when the grapes come from some of the classified vineyards, but bc not all of them do, they get labeled generically. Olivier Leflaive's "Les Setilles" Bourgogne Blanc is regularly a lovely wine at a bargain price. :)

        FWIW, I could easily spend 2 weeks in the Cote d'Or and still not see/taste enough.

    2. I can't remember if I replied to you or someone else on another thread re: Olivier Leflaive, but I'm too lazy today to search and see.

      Lunch at Olivier Leflaive is good, but not necessarily for the food. I've been almost every year since 2008, and it hasn't changed much.

      The good/great part: the soms/wait staff do a good job of introducing you to the wines of the area (primarily whites) and each course comes with a different wine question to consider. Some of these questions are: you have a smoked salmon & something else (can't remember but seems like it's usually pate) - which of the two wines you have with this course goes better with which item? Or you have 3 village or 3 premier cru wines - all by OLF, usually all the same vintage - which one do you like the best? They will also sometimes do a part where you can have a Grand Cru, Premier Cru, and Village level wine all grown literally across the road from each other. No right answers of course, but it gets you thinking and you learn a lot about the palate of anyone you are traveling with.

      The so-so part: the actual food The gougeres and first course are good, but the main is often a chicken dish that is a bit dry and dessert is non-memorable. Nothing awful mind you, but not outstanding either. Food at Comte Senard (similar Table d'Hote in Aloxe-Corton) is outstanding, but wines are good at both.

      Bottom line, worth a stop at OLF for the lunch if you enjoy wine and can deal with a decent, not great, meal. As I said, I go most years to introduce people to the area and the producer.

      You can also do just a tasting at OLF, but it likely won't be as comprehensive. If you go that route you could eat at one of the better restaurants in Puligny like Le Montrachet, or Le Puligney.

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      1. re: DaTulip

        DaTulip, I don't think you had posted this before or I would have seen it, so thank you so much for the information. Seems like I can't go wrong. The education would be great.

        1. re: DaTulip

          DaTulip, I have a choice of 3 options. Which would you suggest? I assume the food is the same, but the wines increase? Also, usually a glass of wine is 5 oz. Is this the amount served?

          Dégustation Initiation (50€/person, 5 wines to taste accompanied by a set menu),

          Dégustation Découverte (60€/person, 7 wines to taste accompanied by a set menu),

          Dégustation Prestige (70€/person, 9 wines to taste accompanied by a set menu).

          1. re: topeater

            topeater, when you are tasting wines, you generally are not served a whole glass -- rather a tasting portion. If you are being served 5 wines as part of a tasting menu, most likely you will receive around 2 ounces of each. 5 glasses of wine, and you would be under the table!

            1. re: ChefJune

              Not really, because I for a long time in New Orleans, but i wouldn't want to operate any heavy machinery.

            2. re: topeater

              I am pretty certain they do the tasting option without food, I believe the food option is lunch but if you do the morning or afternoon you can have the structured tasting without food. I see the website has a "simple tasting" option but from memory you can upgrade that if you wish.

              1. re: topeater

                You are right, food is the same for each option. I'm an all in kind of person so I go with the most & then add on! They used to have a 14 wine option & that's my favorite :-)

                They are not full pours but they aren't a true tasting portion either. I'd guess 3-4oz each. They expect you'll crache (pour out) some of each. We usually have a hired driver so I enjoy more than I would otherwise.

                1. re: DaTulip

                  Yes, we did the 14 (or maybe 12) wine tasting when we were there. The pours were generous, given the context. And, not all of the wines were Leflaive's.

                  1. re: masha

                    Interesting! They've always been all O. LeFlaive wines when we've been. We're they pouring other Burgs or other regions?

                    1. re: DaTulip

                      Other Burgundies. It was more than 5 years ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy and I could be wrong.

            3. Good replies here, but I'd also recommend this recent thread which (despite the title), gets into a lot of specifics on wine including the places referenced in the OP. An invaluable discussion for my own travels, and perhaps yours also:

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              1. re: non sequitur

                Yes. I was taking notes from that discussion yesterday while drooling over the pictures of cheese carts. Thanks for the link.

              2. The lunch tastings at Olivier's are an experience. When we where there they made a big deal about how no dairy was used in the foods, it would screw up the tastes, this was probably correct.

                If it was me, I do the 28 euro lunch at La Montrachet and walk to the other side of the square to Puligny Caveau, have Monsieur Jaulien pour what he has open and sit out front on his "terrace". If you are there later in the day, local vintners will start showing up. Same thing at Le Montrachet, the vintner in high boots stop by to see the proprietor, Tierry and enjoy wine talk and sipping. To me the Village of Puligny is perfect.

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                1. re: BlueOx

                  You could also taste at Oliver's on the morning (and there used to be a few other caves open for tasting in the village), lunch at Le Montrachet, then weave your way across he square to the caveau for a slow afternoon watching the world pass you by - priceless.

                  1. re: PhilD

                    Aussie Phil has given the best advice, ever. And on the way across the square, check out the Petanque matches.

                    1. re: PhilD

                      Sounds perfect. Thanks for the info.

                      1. re: PhilD

                        Phil, you are making me think that it's time for us to visit again.