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May 13, 2014 12:35 PM

41 Degrees being "reimagined" while we are there - need alternatives!

We are headed to BCN in September. We are there for 4 nights (Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues) following a med cruise.

41 degrees was on the list until the Adria brothers decided to revamp it during my stay, lol.

Here is what I have so far, suggestions welcome!

Cinc Sentits (a repeat, loved it last time)

La Clara (another repeat, for sentimental reasons, and my DH has not been)


[The gland finale, what would have been 41 degrees]

Some possibilities include:

Fermi Puig
Con Gracia


Thoughts? TIA!! :)


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  1. We will be there in September as well and are having the same dilemma. Do you know for sure that 41 degrees will be closed then? I've seen the Eater interview where he talked about closing in August but other than that I haven't been able to find anything else that confirms the timing.

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      Enigma - the place that is supposed to take over for 41° - is set to open in January 2015.