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May 13, 2014 12:17 PM

Rustic Oak North Haven - Future Plans?

Alas, the Rustic Oak in North Haven closed about a month ago or so. Does anyone know of any plans for what is going on with the building? I hear rumors of an Italian Restaurant (do we really need more?). It's a great building and deserves to house a place with really, really good, non-chain food.

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  1. Sorry to see the Rustic Oak closed. When I lived in the area we went twice each month. The last few years we went about twice a year and found it had gone downhill in both food and service, but still mixed a good drink.

    I doubt that another independent restaurant will occupy the space. Any remodel/renovation will require bringing the building up to code including handicap accessibility and would be prohibitive for an independent. Based on the age/condition of the building I imagine it will be a tear down and rebuilt for non-restaurant use.